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Common Air Condition Installation Errors to Keep in Mind

A smart air conditioner adds to your convenience. You can control home temperature from anywhere with your handheld devices like mobile phone or tablet. It is an energy and cost-efficient option. For example, the geo-location feature allows lowering or increasing the temperature automatically based on how far away you are from home.

Some apps can help you with several other aspects like diagnosing errors and sending alerts for AC maintenance. Smart AC also releases carbon dioxide, but has a low carbon footprint as it can be programmed to run whenever needed.

It is expensive but its energy efficiency saving cost helps to make it worth the price. If you can afford it then ensure to have it installed by experienced professionals. If you reside in Singapore then Aircon Servicing is a trusted name. It is an affordable aircon service Singapore Company with 18 years of experience and technical expertise.

Several things can go wrong during AC installation, which may impact its performance.

Some common AC installation errors to know are given below.

Incorrect AC size

Not choosing an optimum size unit is the most common mistake homeowners make. Too small means the room will not gain proper cooling, while too large a unit prevents dehumidification.

Wrong wiring

Professionals with less experience can easily do messy wiring works. It can trigger issues in the unit’s performance and is also hazardous. Ensure all the wires are insulated and not exposed.

Ignoring suction line insulation

The suction line associated with the refrigerant needs to be properly insulated during the AC installation process. If there is no insulation the Ac’s working efficiency is hampered. Poor insulation also triggers this problem. So, ensure that the technicians have properly insulated the suction to prevent the performance of the air conditioner.

Right angles with suction line

Right angles with suctions lines near 60 feet can cause plenty of resistance. So, the unit has to work had to gain the right cooling levels. Avoid such situations right from the insulation process.

Insufficient space between outdoor unit and wall

In a wall and split AC, there has to be sufficient space left on every side. It ensures appropriate airflow and correct functioning. Make sure that there is sufficient space left around during the installation process.

Too lengthy refrigerant pipes

Long refrigerant pipes are also a common error during AC installation. The pipe that connects the indoor and outdoor units of AC must never be too long because the cooling cycle cannot be completed properly. It can cause the compressor to work consistently and thus unnecessary energy is used.

Incorrect thermostat positioning

The thermostat needs strategic positioning. Incorrect positioning can give rise to temperature inconsistencies and the AC’s performance can get hindered. Ensure that the thermostat is installed away from sunlight, doors, and windows. Install it in secluded areas like corridors and hallways.

Choosing an inexperienced AC installer can trigger serious issues down the road. So, choose an experienced AC technician to have the AC installed accurately and you may even receive a craftsmanship warranty!