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Data Science Training in Bangalore and the scope in this field


Data Science is the perfect combination of mathematics, statistics and problem-solving. It lets us look at things in a different way and helps align the data. It not only requires programming skills, statistics and visualization techniques, but also business knowledge. One should, however, be willing and eager to translate the questions using the data which is available within one’s reach.

A data scientist makes use of data science in order to perform his job. As data science course in Bangalore involves a high level of data analysis, the role of a data scientist is to use their mathematics, programming, statistical and analytical skills in order to obtain meaningful insights into the data. A data scientist has a good business sense and is pretty good at decision making.

One should understand that data science is not a piece of scientific work. So the work of a data scientist should not be confused with work in the academic field. They are rather in demand due to the industry’s requirements and business market calls.

Now in order to become a data scientist, one should have the appropriate skills that are needed in this field. The following are some of the skills that one should possess before starting their career in this particular are:

  1. Love for coding
  2. Interest in numbers and patterns
  3. Learning attitude towards algorithms

What to learn

  1. Learn programming languages like R, Python
  2. Knowledge of statistical analysis
  3. Machine learning algorithms like the ones on linear regression, logistical regression etc.
  4. Learning tools like RapidMiner, Tableau is also helpful
  5. Working on a few projects and doing some internships will be beneficial

Positions for which one can apply

Data analyst

A data analyst analyses the data that is generated from different companies and helps them make better business decisions. There are different types of data analysts in this field such as business analysts, financial analysts, operational analysts, etc. These analysts help to figure out how to price any product in the market or how to reduce transportation costs.

Data architect

A data architect is responsible for building complex computer databases. They create a blueprint for testing and maintaining the database. They usually work with the members of the team that are concerned about the database and those which need it to work efficiently. They also work with database administrators to ensure that they can easily use and access data.

Data engineer

A data engineer develops, constructs, maintains and tests the architecture, including the database, as well as large processing systems. Data engineers are expected to have a strong command over programming languages such as R or Python and are also skilled with tools like that of Tableau. They also create various data set processes that are used in data modelling, data mining, acquisition and data verification. They help improve data quality by improving data analytics systems.

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The demand for data science and analytics is projected to increase more in the years to come. Those who think they have all the skills mentioned above in the article should certainly apply for this job. For queries please visit data science training in Bangalore to gain more knowledge about the topic

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