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Decoded: When Can a Baby Sleep With A Blanket

Sleep is an important subject for new moms, as a maximum of them are not getting enough sleep. All new parents can do whatever it needs to comfort their baby to sleep for a long duration.

Many of you may be wanting to give your infant a fluffy, cozy covering to provide them relaxation at nighttime. But most blankets are not suggested by pediatricians until and unless your infant gets at least 10 months old as they can multiply the hazard of unexpected breathing issues and the fleece of the blanket can go into their nostrils and can cause severe problems for your baby. 

But when is the right time to give them a baby blanket? Read this article to know about the right moment and some safety precautions to take while working with a blanket.

When is the right time to introduce the blanket to your baby? 

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends keeping away soft and loose baby blankets from your newborn’s sleeping area at least for the first 10-12 months. Because the loose and soft threads can easily go inside the baby’s nose and they can block their nasal passage, this can lead to suffocation. This suggestion is made on true data and information regarding infants’ sleep death reports. 

However, there is no official age to give them a blanket but it’s safer to introduce them to a blanket after 10-12 months before that you can make them wear warm pajamas, jumpsuits, or baby nightwear to keep them warm during the night. After a certain age (10-12 months) you can give them a blanket to help them feel safe and cozy. But you must keep some precautions in mind before doing so. 

  • The blanket should be fleece free.
  • Give them a blanket only when you are around your baby.
  • Make sure the blanket doesn’t cover their nose or mouth.
  • Avoid giving them bulky and long blankets. 

If you take these few things very seriously when working with a blanket, then it’s fine to give them a blanket.

What kind of fabric should you consider for your 12-month- old? 

Almost all infants have delicate skin textures. The fabrics in your infant’s covering must be harmless for the baby’s skin to decrease the chance of discomfort, and rashes.

Infants, particularly newborns, possess underdeveloped body temperatures. Thus, porous baby blankets that facilitate air to go in and out and do not catch up with sweat or warmth are nice choices for your picks.

Keeping in mind these characteristics written above, the ultimate blanket materials preferences for infants comprise:

  • Tightly made fur fabric
  • Bamboo rayon
  • Cotton
  • Gauze

These are a few top picks of fabric for your baby.

From where should you get the right kind of blanket for your newborn? 

You can get your hands on the best baby blanket for your newborn from online or offline stores. You must make sure that the site is verified and sells kids-friendly items. Many sellers sell poor-quality blankets at a cheap price, stay away from such sites, and sellers because cheap materials can leave your baby with serious damage to their delicate skin. So, it is always recommended to choose wisely when buying things for infants and newborns because it can be dangerous to make any compromises with their health

Newborn sleeping regulations may look complicated if you are a new mom, but if you follow up with the strategies written above then there is no need to worry about anything. If your kid is old enough to use a blanket or covering, it’s good to give them one or simply avoid it in the hands of a sleeping pajama. Either way, they will be comfortable all night long.