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Design Ideas Using a Leather Sofa for Your Singapore Home


Many homeowners are afraid to mix and match textures, designs and fabrics. However, it is what provides a home with its personality. A leather sofa in well-curated Singapore homes has long been a significant feature. It is soft but structured, elegant but textured, and welcoming but not so much. Leather is versatile enough to go with any carefully crafted design while being bold enough to stand out in any setting. Here are a few design ideas that can help you create the living room of your dreams.

#1 Bohemian

You can pair your leather sofa with bohemian textiles and elements. Make your monochromatic sofa the backdrop to colourful and lively throw pillows, rugs, and blankets. You can also pair your sofa with wicker storage baskets and tables for a more bohemian feel.

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#2 Two Leather Armchairs

Are you still afraid of committing to a full-sized sofa? No problem. You can opt for leather armchairs from your favourite designer furniture store in Singapore. They can be as cosy as a full-sized sofa without taking up as much space. Leather armchairs have the same chic and homey appearance.

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#3 Colourful Throw Pillows

Most homeowners who follow a theme for their interiors follow a strict colour palette. Throw pillows can be the pop of colour your leather sofa and living room needs. Ensure that you get the cases in the accent colours you need to not clash with the overall look of the space.

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#4 Camel Leather

Leather sofas can hold themselves pretty well and in your living room. Pick up a camel leather sofa from a Singapore retail furniture store for the best statement piece. It can also hold itself against the darkest of accent colours.

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#5 Unique Shape or Design

Unique pieces are always conversation starters, especially if it is a sofa. Many designer furniture stores in Singapore and overseas love creating pieces in various shapes, sizes, colours and forms. Place a unique sofa in your living room as a statement piece to start all conversations. 

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#6 Low-to-the-Ground Piece

Make your home feel even airier with a low-to-the-ground leather sofa. It can offer the same sleek feeling as options with legs. However, be careful about your sizing, especially with smaller floor area apartments. It can bite you in the butt and make your living room feel stuffy.

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#7 A Cosy Sectional

L-shaped sofas lend themselves easily to corners, no matter what fabric. However, wall-to-wall leather provides a level of sumptuous warmth that few other textiles can match. However, a sectional leather sofa in a small Singapore apartment can make it more stuffy than home-y.

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#8 Go Vintage

What else can provide a homey feel than a vintage leather sofa? Vintage pieces of furniture are timeless and can lend themselves to any design theme and motif. It ensures that your living room will always lend a homey, warm and timeless feeling no matter how many changes it goes through.

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Taking Care of Your Leather Sofa

Essential care is required to keep your leather couch looking as good as new for years. The good news is that excellent leather, which is soft and beautiful, is the finest choice for upholstered furniture. It only gets better with age, much like wine, so if you take care of your leather sofa, it will maintain a beautiful appearance and feel.

Here are five tips you can follow to keep the leather sofa in your Singapore home in tip-top shape for a long time.

#1 Dust and Vacuum Regularly

Reduce the accumulation of dust, oils, and crumbs on each designer piece of furniture in your Singapore home by cleaning it with a wet cloth daily. Vacuum with care every few weeks with a soft brush attachment. Wiping a stain on your leather sofa will spread it further. Instead, dab it with a towel to absorb the moisture and prevent it from spreading further into the upholstery.

#2 Avoid Heat and Sunlight

The leather can dry up and crack if you set it too close to the windows or a fireplace. Fireplaces, radiators, computers, and hot mugs are the most common culprits, so keep your sofa away from these. If it is just heated, you don’t need to move it. Use leather protection to keep it wet and save it from cracking or discolouration. Direct sunlight may discolour your furniture and permanently damage its texture.

#3 Protect It Proactively

Investing in a leather protection product is one of the best methods to maintain the leather sofa in your Singapore apartment in good condition for many years. A leather couch protector will reduce dirt from penetrating the upholstery. It can also lower the quantity and severity of cleaning necessary.

#4 Avoid Overusing Cleaning Products

If you use a cleaning detergent or other items containing harsh chemicals, you may do more harm than good to your leather sofa. You should also avoid treating stains with water since this might expand the damage or replace it with a water stain.

#5 Avoid Anything Sharp

Innocuous stuff like jewellery, belts, and shoe buckles are a hazard to the leather sofa in your Singapore home. They may all scrape or damage the surface of your leather sofa like a pet’s claws. It will not in a pleasant ‘adds character’ way. If the leather is scratched, you may buff it with a chamois to hide the marks.

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