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Different Types of Home Foundation Issues in Austin, Texas

Any homeowner knows the importance of a good foundation. Any foundation issue can damage the entire property and make the repair costs go through the roof.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the homes in Austin, Texas, there have been too many reports of foundation issues. Despite the older Austin homes having a lot of character and soul, this may cause problems during selling.

Now to fix the issue, you would need many things, like soil stabilisation treatment and metal shims for foundation levelling in Austin, TX.

If you are actually a new home buyer in Austin, TX, you must also pay attention to the problems. Below are the two most common types of foundations and the issues you find in Austin homes.

Basement foundations

According to the Texas State Historical Association, actually, there are 1300 types of soil in Texas, with each having unique attributes. This is why it is crucial to understand the type of foundation of your Austin property before finding any issue in it.

Although not that common, it is possible to find homes with a basement in Austin, TX. Usually, a concrete slab is placed eight feet down the ground in this type of foundation.

The beams used in this type of foundation are made of concrete, while the walls are cinder blocks. Besides the slab in the ground, another slab is placed within the walls to add stability and ensure waterproofing.

This structure also protects against termites. The basement is perfect for conveniently storing the electrical and plumbing components of the house.


Due to Texas’s shallow frost line (10 inches), freezing is a significant issue for basement foundations. This makes the ground around the basement vulnerable to the constant frost heave.

There is also a significant issue of flooding in the Austin area. Austin needs a superior quality drainage system for all homes in the most flash-flood-prone region in North America.

Pier and beam foundations

The median house prices in the Austin metropolitan area have increased by 30% between 2011 and 2021. The cost of houses is relatively higher here than in the other areas in Texas. So, if you are to buy a property here, you must know about the most popular home foundation type in Austin.

Besides, the pier and beam foundations are not just the most common foundation prevalent in the Austin area but also the oldest. The construction of this foundation type is pretty straightforward and inexpensive. The only problem you can face in such homes is moisture.


The Austin homes with pier and beam foundations need to be sufficiently waterproof. Otherwise, it can become susceptible to mould and mildew.

Moreover, insect and rodent infestation is another major issue in these homes. From spreading diseases to damaging the plumbing and electrical wiring, these pests can cause many problems. To keep your home free of these issues, you must regularly inspect for any cracks, moulds, and pest infestation.

Your home may suffer from bouncy and saggy floors and off-kilter doorways too. In such cases, you have to fix and stabilise the foundation using metal shims for foundation levelling in Austin, TX.


Despite being the hottest market for real estate in the U.S, Austin, TX, still suffers from many foundation issues. In fact, it is one of the Texas cities to be among the top U.S. cities having foundation problems.

However, with a thorough knowledge of the different foundations and their prevalent issues, you can prevent and fix them. There are many ways of doing this, from installing a robust drainage system to placing shim blogs for levelling and stabilising the foundation.

Now that you know about the two most common Austin home foundations, you can contact an expert to help with the repair works.