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Disadvantages Of Direct Debit Payments

When debiting payments with our credit card or one vanilla balance check card we can also take certain risks that we must take into account to avoid them and to be able to enjoy this benefit without inconvenience. Next we will mention the most common:

You Can Be A Victim Of Phishing

Whenever you settle your payments with your credit card, go to the branch of your banking institution and never go with a known or intermediary to carry out the procedure.In this way your information will be safe and the corresponding payments will be made without running the risk of suffering any fraud for the information you will provide when contracting the service. Some users have suffered from Phishing or card cloning for trusting the wrong people when making a direct debit. Therefore, take the necessary measures.

You May Be Overcharged

It is important that you are aware of the payments made with your credit card, otherwise the bank could get confused and charge you extra money. We recommend that you check on the cut-off date if your expenses have been correctly settled. This way you will not have any problem when direct debiting payments.

Be Responsible

You must be aware of the payment limit of your credit card, not because you have domiciled your payments it means that the bank will be responsible. Check your balance month by month and if you do not have enough, notify the financial institution of your credit card so that you can pay it directly.

Just Use A Credit Card

Try not to direct your payments in more than one credit card, otherwise you may run the risk that both are saturated and the debts in the end prevent you from paying the corresponding services. In case you have two credit cards, we recommend that you use one to domicile payments for your services and the other for emergencies or constant use in small services such as: pantry, gasoline or outings.