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Discover Ball Bearing Slides For Better Mechanism

Proper bolts, liners, and all the other elements are essential for making factory machines. The machine can run smoothly while maintaining safety measures. Now, there are many types of linear bushing available, but for Ball bearing slides on smooth shaft ( ลูกปืนสไลด์บนเพลาเกลี้ยง, which is a term in Thai), there is the linear bushing flanged type.

What Linear Bushing Flanged Is Used?

A Ball bearing that slides on a smooth shaft is a significant linear ball bearing perfect for connecting with a cylindrical shaft. It provides linear motion guidance and support. As the linear bushing is mounted on a shaft, the rolling element is mainly used to avoid friction and maintain a smooth effect while using the machine.

This ball-bearing slide or linear bushing Flange is used in machines such as 3D printers, automation equipment, and other factory machines.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Ball Bearing Slides On A Smooth Shaft?

By using the Linear Bushing Flanged, the workers or the industry will experience,

  • high precision,
  • low friction,
  • high load capacity

Types Of Common Linear Bushing Flanged

Now, based on the requirement, there are multiple types of Linear Bushing flanges.

Circular Flanged Model LMF

This Ball bearing slides on the smooth shaft with a circular flange and space to integrate with the nut. The best thing about this linear bushing is that it can be mounted easily, depending on the requirement.

Circular Flanged Model LMIF

This LMIF model looks a lot like the previous one; however, the fitted part is shorter in size. This linear bushing doesn’t go beyond the surface or the other side of the surface, so it saves a lot of space on the opposite side of the mounting.

Circular Flanged Model LMCF-L

In this linear bushing, the flange is installed in the middle. This shape allows workers to attach tools, and the load and space will be distributed on both sides of the Circular Flanged Model. This will create an excellent balance and make it easy to use.

Square Flange Model LMK

Now, in many places, small-shaped flanges are required, but circular Flanges can’t fit. For such situations, taking advantage of the low-height workers, square Flange Models LMK are used.

Square Flange Model LMIK

The fitted part of this Square Flange Model is pretty short, so the linear bushing doesn’t go beyond or to the other side of the flange. For some mechanical reason, having this feature is essential. It helps save space and doesn’t cause friction on the other side of the mounting.

Now that you see how the Ball bearing slides on a smooth shaft works, you will understand how much it helps when building machines.