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Discover The Benefits of Enrolling at our Alcohol Detox Program

In many cultures, including the United States and all over the world, drinking alcohol is considered a significant element of social life. It’s hard to tell the difference between drinking as a social activity and an addiction. Abuse of alcohol is common because it is both accessible and socially acceptable. Most people are normally reluctant to accept that they are suffering from alcohol addiction because they are unaware of where to start.

Alcohol detox is often the first step in alcohol addiction recovery. Fortunately, there are many alcohol rehab facilities across Texas, where you can find access to both inpatient and outpatient detox services. Skyward Treatment Center is one of them. Besides offering detox services, we also offer our clients a full spectrum of dual diagnosis services to help those with co-occurring mental health issues.

Alcohol Detox

The rapid cessation of alcohol abuse throws the brain’s chemical equilibrium out of whack. Alcohol detox entails the elimination of alcohol from the human system and the restoration of the brain’s chemical equilibrium. This process may however cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms which happen as a result of the abrupt cessation. There are two approaches to alcohol detox: tapering and cold turkey. Withdrawal symptoms may range from mild to severe depending on how long someone has been drinking, how much alcohol they have consumed, and how severely their body has been affected by alcohol.

Benefits of Medical Alcohol Detoxification

A medically supervised alcohol detox program is a risk-free method of becoming sober. Trying to quit alcohol without first going through a detoxification process may be very challenging for many people. Some of the many advantages of alcohol detox are:

  1. Reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Lessens the likelihood of relapsing.
  3. Peer support from other patients.
  4. Lowers the probability of health problems and PAWS.
  5. Medical detox is able to diagnose and treat co-occurring mental health disorders.

At-Home Alcohol Detox.

Alcohol detox at home is an option considered by many. This is because they feel more comfortable, secure, and in-charge undergoing that process at home. However, detoxing at home might be dangerous if the individual does not know the alcohol withdrawal timeline and the potential side effects that can occur.

Possible Dangers of At-Home Alcohol Detox.

Detoxing from alcohol is often seen as less risky than from other narcotics. That, however, is not even close to being the case. Detoxing from alcohol is dangerous, even fatal if attempted without medical supervision. The body displays a number of withdrawal symptoms as a natural response to abruptly cutting down on alcohol use. These symptoms are excruciatingly uncomfortable, hard to treat, and may last for weeks. Without medicine to ease the discomfort, the procedure is much more challenging. Hallucinations, convulsions, and potentially fatal heart failure are among the dangerous alcohol withdrawal symptoms. You can never be sure how your body will respond to detox until you actually go through it. That is why medical detox is often recommended as the safest mode.

Consult The Best Addiction Specialists in Houston.

Medical detox, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient therapy, and aftercare are all part of Skyward Treatment Center’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab’s comprehensive continuum of care. Our evidence-based recovery programs can help you or a loved one achieve long-term sobriety via our effective medical detoxification and comprehensive care. Contact us today for more information regarding our addiction treatment options.