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Dos and Don’ts while handling silicon Glue

If you are ever having a chance in working in the industrial setting, then you have come up with handling Silicon glueSilicon glue is versatile but unlike other adhesives, it must cure. Curing is actually, letting the adhesive dry. To do that, all you need is patience. Normally silicon glue will take 24 hours to dry, but if the silicon adhesive is thicker then it will even take several days to dry. There are some dos and don’ts in the silicon glue. To know about those dos and don’ts have a look at this article.

Dos while handling silicon glue

Sufficient protection

While using silicon glue, people are experienced with electrical shock, skin burns, and eye injuries. If people are having sufficient protection, then they will not undergo these types of irritations. By using safety goggles, eye injuries can be avoided and by using surgical masks, irritations in mouth and nose can be avoided. Gloves will protect the person from skin burning. The person who is handling the silicon glue must wear long pants, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes.

Use a primer if possible

Primer is valuable; this is because it helps the adhesives to adhere to the chosen surface. Some solvent-based primers can be applied with the help of a brush or by cloth. Since primer is having a shorter life span, it will help to improve the adhesion.

Consideration of sealant life

The majority of glues will be cured in 24 hours. The sealants are having shorter life span in hot and humid conditions. By keeping the glue in the cooling environment will help to increase their life span.

Prepare your workspace

The peoples and pets in workspaces may contact the glue. So make sure that you are using glue-gun. The glue-gun should be away from the children and animals. The working area should be available with the power source. If it is available with this feature then you need not look for an extension.

Don’ts while handling with silicon glue

Not choosing the right glue

The silicon glue is available in many forms. These adhesives are also manufactured with certain materials. So you have to check the materials of the adhesive.

Not checking the expiry date

Before buying the adhesive glue make sure that it is not out of date. This detail should be looked at for every product. Even if the product is small, you have to check its expiry date. Silicon glue with expired date will not produce the expected result and takes a longer time to settle.

Not cleaning the workspace

If you are dealing with oil grease or any other residues in the working place, it will take a longer time for a solid bond. You must have to clean the workspace before starting your work with silicon glue.

Not the following procedure

There are several types of silicon glue is available. You should follow the procedures. The glue is available with instructions. The instruction will consist of how to use the silicon glue and how long it will take to settle. So follow the instructions carefully.

Final thoughts

Silicon glue is mostly used in the industries. It is having several advantages but care should be given while taking care of these adhesives.