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Essential Hosting Services As per Your Deals

Are you planning to create your own site about your hobby or keep a blog while travelling abroad? Or do you want to build a large online store? Are you looking for managed hosting or shared hosting? Reliable website hosting is essential, especially in the case of a commercial website. For example, if your web hosting does not work for some time, the chances are that you will miss customers. But even if the website is available, problems can still occur.

A faltering website can lead to an annoying online experience and therefore, also cost customers. Professionals provide appropriate web hosting for all types of websites, using the most modern web hosting technologies. We do everything we can to keep your site always accessible and fast. Besides, you can build your own homepage at low cost with us.

Different web hosting packages

You can choose from five website hosting packages: PowerWeb Starter, Basic, Advanced, Pro and, Ultimate. Do you want to start your own blog or create a simple website? Then a Starter or Basic package is probably perfect. If you need a lot of webspace or want to use advanced functions such as SSH access, the larger containers. Advanced is interesting. For all hosting web packages: unlimited data traffic is always included, just like a free domain name. Take a look at the different packages and decide for yourself which option best suits the plans you have with your website. Go for the hosting reviews there.

Useful applications with your hosting web package

With the Website apps, which are included with all our web hosting packages, you can easily install and manage all kinds of applications for your website. For example, choose the popular content management system WordPress, which makes building a website straightforward and is used by millions of website admin professionals worldwide. Alternatives to this are Joomla, TYPO3 and Drupal; content management systems that can also be installed via the Website apps. In addition to content management systems, you can also use specific applications for webshops, blogs, photo albums and forums to install. Examples include Gallery for presenting your photos online, phpBB for managing a forum and Piwik for keeping detailed visitor statistics. Besides, web hosting by professionals means being able to design your website yourself. You can realize this with professional programming tools such as MySQL, PHP and Ruby. Several admin tools, including FTP access, Web-FTP and Shell access via SSH & SFTP, can support this.

Web hosting for WordPress

Professionals also offer special WordPress web hosting. Just like with regular web hosting, you can choose from different packages: WP Starter, a web hosting package for a small website or simple blog, WP Basic, a web hosting package for a somewhat larger website or business blog, and WP Advanced, with which you can create multiple large websites or professional blogs. WordPress web hosting aims to make it as easy as possible for you to build and manage a WordPress site. You can install WordPress in a few mouse clicks, backups are performed automatically, and you can also choose to have updates performed automatically.

The Best Shared Web Hosting Services for 2020

Professionals Ranking Coach

A good website is one thing, being found is another. Professionals offer customers the right helps to ensure that search engines find the websites hosted by professionals without any problems. With ranking, you can optimize your website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The software tells you which keywords are best to use on your website so that you can be easily found for relevant search terms. The importance of a good position in the search engines for a successful internet presence cannot be overstated. Professionals help you to build a strong strategy and ensure success.

Safety first

As per hosting reviews, this is important. The security of customer data is central to professionals. The data centres contain highly secured servers, on which all information is safely stored. Professionals also help you as a website manager to optimally secure your site yourself. With our web hosting packages, you have several advanced tools, which ensure that you have as much control as possible over the security settings of your website. For example, you can use SSL use certificates to encrypt data traffic. When you use your website commercially, it is even necessary that the connections to your website are secured in this way.

Furthermore, you can easily set which files or folders should never be changed. This way, you minimize the impact of a possible attack on your website. Besides, an automatic backup of your files and database are made, so you can always go back to an older version of your site.

User-friendly web hosting

Of course, website hosting must, above all be reliable. When choosing a web hosting package, however, also make sure that all services are user-friendly. Professionals hosting includes a specially developed control panel, with which you can perform most actions in a few mouse clicks. For example, you install WordPress in a few minutes. Domain redirects are also very easy to set up. Can’t get anywhere? Then just call one of the web hosting professionals of our customer service.

Moving from your current web host to Professionals

Do you currently have a different hosting provider, and are you considering switching to professionals? Moving your website is very easy, and you only pay for the web hosting; the move itself costs you nothing. You request the transfer code for your domain name from your current web host or registrar and enter this code during or after ordering your hosting web package. We will arrange the rest of the domain transfer for you.

The domain name and hosting: what’s the difference?

The URL of your website is the name that registers so that people can find your website. But that domain name is separate from the hosting of your website. You can easily register your name without immediately purchasing a hosting package. Above all, do that so that no one can run off with your name. But first, look around for a suitable hosting party before you enter into a contract.


You can host your hosting with many parties. Prices vary enormously, and the list of services offered also varies. How do you decide which is the right party for your needs? Do you rely on prices, quality, service, size of the company, or other elements that determine your choice?

Making a choice

If you search for hosting on Google, you will be the first to come across significant parties. Those are relatively good and cheap companies where you can host your website. Unfortunately, we still notice that one of the choices on which a hosting company is chosen is that it is the price that determines. And that makes sense in itself. As with the question: What does a website cost? The answer to the question is: What is good hosting? Not as easy as it looks.