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A wide range of expenditures and expenses happens in every firm, no matter how small or large. To have a full expenditure policy, you need to define all the costs that your employees can claim. Although these changes will impact your company’s taxable income, they can be uncomplicated and beneficial to both the employer and the employee if done appropriately.

If the company fails to follow an expense management system workflow, disagreements might occur regarding the expenses and expenditures. Moreover, reimbursements should also work in the same way. If not done without proper regulation, inefficient and overly complicated reimbursement procedures can be expected.

There is a problem with the timeline of reimbursements that causes a lot of stress. However, the influence is far more extensive. It can be challenging to acquire an accurate picture of a company’s present financial situation because of the significant delay among expenses.

Often, the issue occurs when a company expands. Your employees must travel to support your company’s growth, whether for networking, promotion, or revenue. Without expense management software, you are making even the most routine purchases a headache for employees.

Understanding Employee Expense Reimbursement

It’s possible to obtain expenses on tasks or operations that require additional money. If employees need to use their own pockets to pay for the items or services, expense reimbursement occurs.

As part of a company’s expense management system, a systematic reimbursement program guarantees that employees receive a fair portion back. The company has more supervision over expenditure and gets hold of maximum tax benefits. It ensures that both the company and its employees benefit from the system.


With an accountable policy, you retain a receipt, report it to your firm, and they’ll refund you the entire cash amount. It is the more typical choice in a typical expense management system workflow and the most likely one that you know.


Non-accountable policies, on the other hand, are those that provide employees with a budgeted cost. An employee on a business trip might obtain limited money per day for meals. The employee will be responsible for the rest of the bill if they go over the spending plan. It also doesn’t require receipts.



When is expense reimbursement applicable?

This expense reimbursement policy must be evident in the expense management system workflow of the company. However, to help you understand how it works in Singapore, here’s what you should know.

An expense must only be related to business.

First of all, the spending must be related to business. When employees purchase goods for their business needs, this should be part of the covered expenses. It is a broad concept that could include everything from an additional hotel room for a business trip to a second computer display.

Expenses must have receipts.

They must also have a receipt, invoice, or other supporting documentation to show that they’ve paid. Each country has its own set of legal requirements for a record to be acceptable. The basics include the total price (including tax), the date and location of purchase, and a statement of what was sold or delivered are usually essential.

You must then send the receipt to the financial team without delay. However, without automation, numerous problems may come from receipts.

You can obtain a fast and hassle-free transaction with expense management software applications for your expense management system. You can make refund requests with a photograph of a paper bill taken immediately or stored in a receipt inbox and filed later.



Knowing the reimbursable expense examples

Here are some reimbursement examples you should consider to add to your expense management system policy.

Business travels expenses

Corporate trips are one of the most significant sources of employee compensation, and it includes a wide range of expenses. It includes tickets, transportation fees, necessities such as meals, and accommodation charges.

Some companies provide a limited spending capacity for an employee who travels for business purposes. However, if the employee chooses to stay for an additional day, they must cover their expenses outside the company policy.

However, when you do all these things manually, lengthy delays may occur. With corporate expense management software, you can send all details and approvals in real-time with fewer errors.

Meals or networking expenses

If a team leader or the company’s head wishes to treat their employees for a job well done, this can be under its expenses. It will benefit the business to strengthen the relationship inside the company. Likewise, entertainment services like concerts and music events are subject to the same rule of thumb.

Additional supplies

There are instances, if not provided, that an employee may need to upgrade their company tools. It includes computers or laptops, mobile devices or other stationery items. Ensure your employees have access to excellent tools if you want them to produce high-quality work.

Communication plans expenses

With travel expenses, ensuring accessibility should be a priority. When an employee travels, it’s a good idea to have a mobile phone and cellular network coverage.

Automating reimbursement process with Volve Solutions

Many issues may happen with manual processing or reimbursement, such as delays, possible errors, and failure to comply quickly. However, with corporate expense management software and customisable processes, you can reduce the amount of manual involvement required.

It can be beneficial in tailoring a better expense management system rather than requiring time-consuming cost reports. It will make the filing of expense and expenditure requests and approval easy and on the go.

The system is programmed to detect and flag expenses that violate the travel policy automatically. The approvers would be notified of the policy violations as and when they occur.You can also reduce the chances of losing receipts and review the entire expense process through expense management software.

Automate your process with a reliable expense management company like Volve Solutions. You can get one of the best finance tools for remote teams, such as expense management software for your company. You can pay, submit and manage your tracking expenses in real-time. You might be fully operational in just a few minutes with simple software implementation.