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Family Counselling In Singapore: Benefits And What To Expect

Occasional conflicts and disagreements are natural components of healthy familial relationships. Since everyone has their thoughts and beliefs, discussions about each other’s differences are inevitable. These exchanges can even benefit kin members since they can educate their relatives and themselves and urge them to rethink their values and ideas.

However, there are times when household members get into heated arguments that result in unfortunate situations. They can smoothen their complications by themselves, but they can also seek professional help by attending family counselling sessions in Singapore.


Much like divorce counselling, family therapy aims to help in mending relationships. It is a type of psychotherapy that is now readily available to Lion City residents. Such a psychological service can help kin members address their behavioural and emotional concerns regarding themselves and their relatives that have been causing distress in the family. It can feel daunting to undergo therapy due to the stigma associated with mental health services and a person’s reluctance to face their concerns with their relatives. However, your therapist will do everything to keep you comfortable during your counselling sessions and take steps at your desired pace.

Despite the benefits of family counselling, many individuals are still unsure about receiving therapy to solve their issues. While it is true that differences between relatives can end through communication at home, having a trained professional facilitate discussions with your family will help you feel more at ease in sharing your thoughts and feelings. Moreover, they can suggest ways to improve your relationship and keep you from experiencing the same issues in the future.

But what can you and your parents and siblings get from undergoing family counselling in Singapore? If you decide to receive therapy from a licensed professional, what can you expect from such sessions? Read on to find answers to your questions about family counselling.


   I.        Reasons For Undergoing Family Counselling

Undergoing family counselling is like receiving treatment from any other wellness facility. You are seeking help from an expert who can help you address your concerns and improve your quality of life. But if you still feel unsure about getting therapy to make amendments to your bond with your household members, perhaps the following perks of receiving counselling can change your mind:

A. Resolve Tension

If you are tired of living in a home where tension is present from the moment you wake up in the morning, receiving counselling from institutions or organisations like a women association in Singapore can benefit you. Undergoing a therapy session can help you understand why you have been experiencing stress at home and teach you ways to address and overcome it.

B. Encourage Open Communication

Some families are not keen on talking about their differences and concerns. They prefer to let their frustrations pass, which can cause their feelings to get pushed to the back of their minds. Thankfully, getting family counselling services in Singapore allows kin members to talk about their concerns and issues at home. These services help relatives understand what someone in their family has been experiencing because of specific circumstances at home.

C. Establish Boundaries

Boundaries are crucial in helping an individual become independent and develop self-esteem. Parents may intentionally or accidentally step on these lines, frustrating their children. Fortunately, family counselling can teach mums and dads to respect these boundaries. Thanks to your therapist’s expertise, they can understand the importance of giving family members space to grow.

D. Strengthen Relationships

Unresolved family conflict causes estranged relationships. Such issues may cause relatives to turn their backs on each other and forget their connection and shared memories. Additionally, family counselling services in Singapore can improve family bonds. After smoothening the issues with each other, they can regain the trust and affection they lost and give them to their relatives.

E. Develop Coping Skills

Like fostering in Singapore, family conflict can take a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional health. These issues can make you feel like doing various things to take your mind off the problem and its effects. Your usual coping mechanisms may be successful in helping you face family-related difficulties. However, counsellors can suggest a list of healthy ways to process your emotions and seek comfort during troubling times.

F. Improve Overall Wellness

Some individuals compare family counselling to student care services since both can enhance an individual’s quality of life. It can improve physical and psychological wellness by resolving issues causing stress and anxiety—preventing them from enjoying events and activities they used to love.


   I.        What To Expect From Family Counselling

Attending family counselling in Singapore can be nerve-wracking—especially if you are undergoing this service for the first time. To help you overcome your jitters, here are everything you can expect from getting family therapy:

A. Goal Establishment

During your intake or initial session, your therapist or facilitator will ask reasons you and your household members want to undergo family counselling. They ask about your goals and expectations from the programme and explain how they can help you reach them.

B. Issue Discussion

After talking about the purpose of your visit, your therapist will ask you and your parents or siblings to elaborate on the issues that fuelled your need to get family counselling in Singapore. They will encourage everyone to speak to understand various perspectives about the problem.

C. Storytelling And Feeling Sharing

Once your counsellor has understood the issues you want to address, they will ask each family member about their experiences and feelings concerning the problem. During this part of your family counselling, you may narrate stories or talk about your emotions affecting the issue.

D. Treatment Recommendation

After allowing you and your kin members to talk and relieve the pressure on your chest, they will suggest a few tips to help you and your relatives cope with problems. Family counselling experts can even teach you ways to strengthen your connection with your mum, dad, or siblings and keep similar problems from recurring.

II.        Do You Need Family Counselling?

Undergoing family counselling in Singapore can be daunting and overwhelming. Fortunately, learning its benefits and process can help you understand its role in helping you and your kin resolve issues and focus on the love you share.

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