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Fighting COVID-19 – Maximising Office Safety Through Sanitation

The battle against the coronavirus pandemic still wages today. Businesses districts have been seriously affected by the ongoing pandemic and are posing a threat against non-WFH workers. Coronavirus, with its more recent mutated variants, has quicker transmission, making it more dangerous than the original strain.

As an entrepreneur or employer, protecting your employees against the threat of coronavirus is among your top priority. It’s more challenging to run a business or workplace environment without a functioning employee. It’s normal to implement new policies and protocols that are gearing to promote better hygiene. Avoiding transmission from occurring within the workplace is now the aim of many corporate policies.

How Hiring Professional Cleaning Can Help Prevent Workplace Infection

Perhaps, it doesn’t hurt for most firms today to hire an office cleaner in Singapore, unlike before the pandemic, where it is treated as an ‘option.’ Entering the proverbial battleground – the workplace – employees are expected to follow the protocol and maintain cleanliness and hygiene at all times. Contamination is the usual threat within any active organisation. Any surfaces that are touched by employees and visitors are within the possibility of carrying diseases, including the coronavirus.

The Importance of Practising Consistent Cleaning

It is how frightening transmission could be. Even if there are such protocols as physical distancing, the objects you made contact with your bare hands still carry risks. Hence, one easy way of eliminating getting infected from work is through consistent cleaning and disinfecting. Whether scheduling a periodic cleaning or hiring an office cleaning in Singapore should work.

An office cleaner in Singapore today has added disinfectant services to help eliminate COVID-19. Keyboards, toilets, telephones, tablets, floors, and carpets are among the myriads of usual things that need disinfecting. Most of these professionals are using a high-level disinfecting solution that continues to eliminate and kill germs and airborne allergens even after drying off.

Still, companies should continue cleaning even after hiring a commercial cleaning and sanitising service. It also ensures that the workplace remains relatively clean from dust, dirt, and stains aside from being free from harmful microorganisms.


Workplace Risk Assessment Against Disease

To ensure that your workplace remains clean at all times, low-cost measures are required to be taken as well to prevent catching usual colds, allergies, and even flu in the workplace. Even if your area/community has low to no cases of COVID-19, taking measures to prevent illness and hiring local commercial cleaning services in Singapore is the safest route to ensure the productivity and safety of employees.

Here are few suggestive guidelines that any company can do:

  • high-touch objects such as keyboards and areas including bathroom and kitchen should be sanitised and disinfected before and after work
  • providing bottled alcohol or chlorine for sanitising the placement stands
  • minimise physical contacts within the workplace to prevent any forms of transmission, COVID or non-COVID disease
  • promote regular hand-washing with instructed visual guidelines
  • promote healthy respiratory hygiene such as wearing face masks
  • hire office cleaner services now and then for deep cleaning and sanitising solution

Bathroom Assessment

Bathroom areas require further risk assessment as it is more prone to risk, but it’s also where the washing facilities are situated. Providing a running water and soap and ventilation system (such as vents) are highly required.

Pantry/Kitchen Assessment

Pantry areas provide an ideal environment for bacterial growth due to their tendency to be damped or wet more often apart from bathroom areas. Hiring a local office cleaner services to sanitise and disinfect the pantry area is also recommended. Changing the sponge and promoting the use of plastic utensils are also part of safety measures.

Briefing Employees

Apart from the mentioned risk assessment measures, briefing your employees and equipping them with proper knowledge about COVID-19 about symptoms and fever grade can help curb and minimise infection rate. Encouraging employees (that show mild symptoms) to stay at home is better than risking the safety and health of employees.



If you’re planning to perform disinfectant with or without hiring office cleaner services, knowing the right conduct procedure, yields effective results. Disinfection is an ideal action plan for sanitisation that every workplace should do either by themselves or by hiring office cleaning services. The difference between sanitisation and disinfection is the former refers to the measure of reducing the growth of microorganisms. The latter seeks to inactivate and suppress.

Without further ado, here are helpful suggestions for properly disinfecting your workplace.

Understand what certain chemicals do.

Disinfection heavily relies on using chemicals. Certain commercial disinfectant bottles might work on particular viruses such as E. Colli, Salmonella, rhinovirus, and other flu strains. However, are they guaranteed to work on COVID-19? Understanding which chemicals work in certain bacteria and viruses speaks volumes on how effective your disinfection measure will play. Alternatively, hiring office cleaning services in Singapore will guarantee to offer effective disinfection procedures.

Use one direction when wiping.

If you’re going to wipe down in the direction, make sure you don’t go back up or in the opposite direction as it will only re-settle the microorganisms that were wiped and cleaned. It’s often advised by cleaning specialists to frequently perform simple one-directional cleaning on frequently touched objects surface areas.

Implement colour-coded cleaning.

Using colour-coded cleaning on in-house cleaning personnel is used to ensure that cross-contamination doesn’t happen in your workplace. You’ll likely encounter colour-coded cleaning on office cleaner services. Briefing cleaning personnel about the colour-coded cleaning ensures they are to use the right equipment, approach and cleaning technique for specific workplace areas.


While cleaning eliminates dirt, grime and stains, it doesn’t necessarily eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from the surface and countertops by a large percent, the way disinfection does. Hence, apart from deep cleaning, proper disinfection is guaranteed to provide the bigger protection in terms of providing safety and prevent infection from occurring within your workplace.

Make sure to invest in proper disinfection techniques and hire office cleaning services for the best of both cleaning and disinfecting. It is guaranteed to ensure a healthy and safe workplace for both employees and visitors!

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