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Find some inexpensive methods for online giving for churches 

The major number of churches is virtually meeting their requirements in the form of online giving for ChurchesThe church is a place to serve a generous God and pray for his generosity. With modern technology, churches are also getting updated because people nowadays prefer to donate online. Whether it is a small church or mid-sized churches, looking for the right online giving platform sometimes becomes challenging. There are a number of choices one can select for the churches. Here, we are discussing some of the fantastic platforms preferred by churches for online giving.

Giving Fuel

Talking about the Texas Baptists churches are offering access to six months of free online giving option. GivingFuel is a significant platform that is present as fundraising software highly used by the staff for collecting donations. Its services include fund tracking, recurring donations, year-end statements, and text to give.


Presently PushPay is new software available for online giving for churches. It is basically a mobile app used for offering tithing services while giving power to the church leaders for sending the announcements, providing useful resources as well as information, and upload sermons.


PayPal is one of the secure platforms meant for promoting online giving. That’s why; churches are setting up the business account for all the members for hassle-free transfer money. It is becoming quite popular because it has low fees and till now offers a unique user experience. While making the donations, members will be directly taken to PayPal’s website as there is no requirement of a PayPal account. They can log in as a guest and donate.

PlanningCeenter’s Church Center app

Church Center is available for the members as a mobile app, which is used for permitting the church member to donate, join groups, registering for different events, and managing their personal profile.


Yet another affordable solution, Stripe, is present to get customized as per the requirements of churches. Stripe is popular because it charges only for transaction fees. The developers can use the platform for customizing it and suit the needs of all kinds of services.

Mentioned are some of the platforms for online giving for churches and adapted by significant churches. Faith Team is also one of the churches that are using these excellent platforms.