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Fun Ways to Keep Learning Even During Summer

Summer break is a magical time for children of all ages. I remember the childhood summer days of freedom fondly. The sunshine, the friends, and all the wonderful things that come with a nice break from school – whether that be online elementary school or in-person learning.

While many kids over the age of 16 get summer jobs to help pay phone and gas bills or to help stay busy, still others are gearing up for three months of freedom. While it can be tempting to let your kids take a solid break from learning after a busy year, there are lots of fun ways to encourage learning even during the summer.

Visit a Museum

From science museums to art museums to history museums there are wonderful things to explore and learn about by simply venturing into a local museum. Some are even so much fun that your kids won’t realize they’re learning. If you live close to a museum that can be great, but if not, consider planning a quick family trip to a fun city where you can explore all the offerings, including museums.

Enroll in Summer Camps

In many cities and rural areas there are great community organizations that pack their summer schedule with fun camps for kids that can be educational too. Consider expanding summer lessons beyond swimming and see if your kids like archery or theater. Summer is a great time to learn new skills and perhaps discover a fun new hobby.

Plant a Garden

Help teach your children the wonder of the plants life cycle by planting a garden at home. In addition to being educational it can also be delicious. You and your kids can plan out each bed and plant things that you can use to make fun snacks and meals throughout the summer. From blueberries for muffins to a full salsa garden,  there’s tons of fun ways to keep your kids engaged in gardening.