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Future’s Hope: 7 Ways to Encourage the Youth Join Volunteer Programs

“I believe the children are our future

Teach them well and let them lead the way

Show them all the beauty they possess inside.”

  • Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston

The foundation of our future lies in the hands of the younger generation. Their hands will build the foundation, their voices will make them leaders, and their hearts will inspire millions. The responsibility of adults is to give young people proper guidance and motivation to do productive things that lead to community betterment. Everyone can become a successful leader with genuine support from the people around them. And so, start encouraging young people to join a youth leadership programme to hone their skills and personality.

Think of it this way, all of us have the same opportunity. We can become doctors, nurses, lawyers, entrepreneurs, performers, etc. The only difference is the access to education and support from their parents. Those who do not get the necessary assistance will waste their skills. As the lyrics tell: Show them all the beauty they possess inside, meaning you need to encourage kids to believe in themselves.

You can do it by letting them in a volunteer programme in Singapore. To do so, continue reading the article to inspire and motivate young people.


How to Encourage The Youth to Join Volunteering Program

Generation Z focuses on social media more than other things. They like to do YouTube Vlogs and TikTok Videos, post aesthetic pictures on Instagram and share Tweets. Although there is nothing wrong with this, it is still better to encourage them to do other productive things like joining a youth leadership programme. It will help them improve their skills and get exposure to the realities of life.

Now, if you have a teenage or 20-something child, here are ways to encourage them to join a volunteering program.

1) The Possibility of Making New Friends

Young people are eager to meet new friends because they want to know more about the world. When they volunteer abroad, they will surely meet new people of different backgrounds and walks of life. It is an excellent way to learn about their stories that can help you go outside your comfort zone. In society, it will help you become more compassionate. Volunteering will teach you about the importance of inclusivity.

Exposing yourself to people will eradicate your prejudice and stereotypes, especially for those who are part of the minority. It will open your eyes and help you understand that people are beyond their skin colour, sexuality, nationality, and life status.

2) Gaining New Skills

When joining a youth entrepreneurship and volunteering program, you can gain new skills, such as time management, communication, teamwork, professionalism, and leadership. These skills will also help you in your education and career journey. Remember that the skills you gain will be permanent, and you can use them as you grow older. It can even help you find job opportunities.

As you gain new skills, it will make your volunteering experience more meaningful. Aside from helping people, you also help yourself become a better person. It is a way to expand your knowledge and grow out of your comfort zone.

3) Look Good on Resume

Young people want to make their resume look good because they focus on having a future. And so they will do everything to get into the best universities and companies to start their careers. One way to do this is to join a youth leadership programme because it will help them get out of their comfort zone and learn valuable life skills.

Employers will consider this, and universities will appreciate that you are making ways to make a better change for the country. If you have Linkedin, it can also attract people to connect with you because you are competent and knowledgeable.

4) Connect With Different Communities

Are you a privileged person? Privileged people are not born “special” because they only have more rights than other groups like the minority. It is selfish to live and ignore other people’s points of view. You will only discredit their struggles and spread more hate.

Stereotypes and prejudice are deadly because they are the root cause of hate crimes. The beautiful thing about volunteer programmes in Singapore is that you can learn more about the people in the minority sector.

You will understand their struggles and realise the difference in your life from them. It will make you more compassionate and understanding towards other people’s differences. It is a good thing to remind yourself that everyone deserves respect.

5) Makes You Independent

Joining a youth entrepreneurship and volunteering program can also make you independent. Once you participate in these programs, you can decide for yourself. Commute your way to the partnered community, meet new people, and do your responsibilities alone. It helps you grow as a person. However, mistakes are part of your journey, so do not be hard on yourself when you make mistakes because they will even help you learn more about life. You can also look for a social enterprise grant to help you get started with your life goals, and once you are ready, you can be more independent.

6) Be Aware of Social Issues

When volunteering, you can also be more aware of social issues, such as educational inequality, urban poverty, and discrimination. You will realise that you are part of something bigger in life.

It would help you learn that life is better to have more compassion and understanding. Aside from skills, it can make you a  better person because you will become less judgemental once you volunteer abroad.

7) Be a Leader

Joining a volunteer program will also develop your leadership skills. You can even improve your skill set by attending a youth leadership programme. You can inspire others to start a movement and bring a positive change to the world by being a leader. It is an excellent way to know that you are making a difference for the future generation.

Give your life more meaning with the Singapore International Foundation, where you can join their volunteer programmes. Visit their website to know more about a social enterprise grant and youth entrepreneurship or leadership programme.