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Gifting Flowers 101: How To Choose The Right Flower For Your Loved One

Centuries back, flowers have been playing a part in customs and traditions globally. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese valued the flowers with great importance in their culture. It was in the Victorian era that flowers were given meaning and presented as a gift.

Today, flowers as a classic gift remain in most country’s traditions and practices. Even in Singapore, many people buy flower bouquets for birthday celebrants or express their appreciation to their loved ones.

Despite the trendy, modern, and unique gifts, a birthday bouquet in Singapore remains a gift option for everyone. Here are the reasons why flowers never go out of style as a classic gift for everyone.

 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Flowers As A Gift

Flowers Are Perfect For Every Occasion

One of the advantages of giving flowers is that they are flexible gifts. Flowers are suitable for any type of event and occasion. You can even hand someone flowers without any reason.

There is a high demand for flowers every Valentine’s day. Many people choose to give their partners and spouses classic red roses to express their love and adoration. Meanwhile, flowers are also given to appreciate someone. Some people choose to give a birthday flower bouquet to the celebrant or a flower basket for parents during Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Flowers can also be congratulatory gifts for new graduates, people who are celebrating anniversaries and milestones, and home welcoming.

On the other hand, flowers are also perfect for dreadful events like funerals. Apart from celebrating happiness, flowers can also mean sympathy, condolences, and love.

People also give flowers even without special events. Flowers sometimes serve as a peace offering or tool to send apologies to someone.

If you are clueless about what to give on Valentines Day, funeral, housewarming, or birthday, contact a birthday flower delivery in Singapore.

Flowers Have Meanings and Convey Messages

The vibrant and aromatic beauty of flowers is not for visual and olfactory appeal alone. The colours and the flowers themselves have different meanings, and giving a combination of unique flowers can convey an entire message.

You can add a secret message through the flowers besides writing a greeting card. Florists from birthday flower delivery services in Singapore can assist you with the right flower for the perfect note.

Red roses are very popular during Valentine’s Day as they represent love, passion, and romance. Other alternatives for roses are pink asters. Pink asters symbolise love and charm. Meanwhile, white carnations signify pure love, while red carnations mean admiration.

Flowers like heather, irises, and tulips are ideal if you are looking for congratulatory and wishful flower bouquets for a birthday, anniversary, and graduation. Heather means good luck and protection, while irises symbolise courage, hope, and faith. On the other hand, pink tulips represent confidence and happiness.

Sympathy flowers like white lilies, white rose, purple hyacinth, and gladiolus represent pure love, sorrow, and strength. These flowers are commonly used during funerals.

You can stick with one flower or try to mix and match to convey different messages to your receiver.

Flowers Lift The Mood

Flowers have an immediate effect in lifting the mood of the receiver. The vibrant colours of flowers help elevate our feelings by creating a happy atmosphere in the room. Colourful flowers help reduce the agitation, anxiety, and stressful mood of the receiver. Flowers also sparks creativity and provide lasting inspiration for many people.

On the other hand, some flowers emit a fragrance that promotes better sleep. Lavenders have calming and sedative effects, while geranium and bergamot are believed to relieve stress and anxiety. Essential oils and other products often contain the aroma of these flowers.

Lastly, the message of the flowers and the sender itself yield positive effects on the receiver. Flower-giving is linked to intimacy, connection, and strengthening the relationship. It is why people have an immediate positive reaction when receiving flowers from the person they love.

These are the lasting reasons why flower bouquets are perfect for a birthday.

Flowers Can Be Customised

Besides being a flexible gift for any occasion, flowers can be personalised themselves. One recommendation you can get from a florist in a birthday flower delivery service in Singapore is arranging the flowers based on the occasion. Typically, a bouquet of red roses is a go-to flower every Valentine’s Day, but clients can arrange them by the receiver’s preference.

Clients also consider the receiver’s prefered colours and species of flower. On the other hand, some people stay away from classic bouquets and go for flower baskets with chocolates and soft toys on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, a flower bouquet for a birthday also has balloons and small gifts.

It is common for funerals to have flower stands; however, others send flower baskets.

Some people are happier to receive potted plants and flowers rather than a birthday flower bouquet. The flower gift varies depending on the giver’s pick, preference of the receiver, and simply the selection of the florist.

Flowers Are Always Available

Flowers thrive the best in a tropical climate like Singapore’s. It is why flowers are always available in the country, with a few exceptions on seasonal flowers.

Florists and birthday flower delivery services in Singapore have various fresh flower choices available every day. Nevertheless, clients need to keep in mind that flowers out of the blooming season may not be available; however, there will never be a scarcity of alternative blossoms.

There is a high demand for flowers, especially during occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day, so it is better to place an order for flowers in advance for reservation.

Nonetheless, the flower supply remains stable in the country on ordinary days, making a birthday flower bouquet available throughout the year.

Another advantage of giving flowers as gifts is they can be ordered and purchased online and have delivery services which make them very convenient.

5 Important Factors To Consider When Giving Flowers As Gifts


The Florist and Flower Shop

The first thing you need to consider is the florist and flower shop. There are lots of amazing florists and flower shops in Singapore; however, they all vary depending on their location, price, services, and flower selection.

Location matters, especially when needing larger flower arrangements like funeral wreaths. It is better to get funeral wreaths from flower shops near the funeral homes or cemetery. It makes transportation easier at the same time; the wreaths are still fresh when delivered.

The price of flowers depends on the arrangement, species of flowers, and the creative work of the florist.

There are flower shops that offer other services like birthday flower delivery in Singapore. Some also provide special arrangement services for occasions, including other elements such as balloons, chocolates, soft toys, and other gifts.

Lastly, the collection of flowers also matters. Some flower shops get a hand on the rarest flowers in Singapore. The more choices you have, the better flowers you can give. Flower shops must retain the freshness of the flowers they sell as well.

Personalised or Catalogue?

Most florists and flower shops offer flower arrangement catalogues and personalised service. Flower catalogues are commonly found on online services; these are the bouquet templates available. The price of each arrangement varies depending on the species of the flowers and other additional items like soft toys, sweets, and chocolates.

On the other hand, a personalised bloom arrangement gives you the freedom to choose numerous flowers to be added to a bouquet. You can also replace the typical bouquets with baskets, depending on your preference.

Customised arrangements are more expensive than those in catalogues, given the creative work fee of the florist and the choices of blossoms. A personalised and a catalogue birthday bouquet in Singapore are both lovely nonetheless.

The Receiver’s Preference

When giving flowers as gifts, it is vital to consider the receiver’s preference. Some clients choose the favoured flowers of their receivers. Women commonly like romantic arrangements such as a bouquet of red roses, while others prefered trendy blooms like sunflowers.

Some customers make their recipient’s favourite colours as the basis for their arrangements. Clients ask florists to mix and match different flowers in shades of blue, red, or pink. Some receivers appreciate potted flowers or blooms in vases more than a birthday flower bouquet.

One of the most important things you need to consider is if the receiver is allergic to pollen. Giving flowers as a gift for people who have pollen allergies may not be ideal.

The Flowers

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing the right flower for your arrangements– the meaning of the flower, the availability of the blossoms, and the cost of each bloom.

Firstly, as discussed earlier, flowers have different meanings and convey different meanings. Red roses and red carnations are quite popular romantic flowers as they signify love, passion, and admirations. Some people choose the birth flowers of the receiver for the flower bouquets for his or her birthday. For example, the birth flower of March babies is daffodil, which also symbolises friendship and happiness.

Secondly, not all flowers are available throughout the year. Usually, tulips are in full bloom every April, meaning the supply of these flowers is stable. However, looking for tulips out of the blooming season may be difficult.

Lastly, the cost of each flower depends on its species. Rare flowers like the orchid species are more expensive than common flowers available in the market.

The Event

Another factor to consider is the event or occasion. For intimate and smaller occasions like birthdays and graduations, bouquets and flower baskets may be enough.

For bigger events like company anniversaries, establishment openings, awarding and recognition events, larger blossom arrangements like flower stands are ideal.

For funerals, Memorial Day, and remembrance day, funeral wreaths are the perfect flower arrangements. Some people also send smaller arrangements like flower baskets for remembrance day.

The most important thing to remember when preparing flowers for an event is to place an order early. There can be a shortage of flowers during anticipated occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, and New Year’s Eve. There is nothing to worry about with the birthday bouquet in Singapore.

How To Make Flowers Last Longer


If you have received flower bouquets for your birthday, here are some tricks and tips to make them last longer.

Cut the Stems

One of the most common mistakes we make when taking care of flowers we receive is putting them in a vase filled with water without cutting their stems. A birthday flower bouquet from a professional florist usually had the stems already cut. But if not, make sure to cut each stem at a 45° angle.

Choose An Appropriate Vase

A narrow-mouthed vase squeezes a bunch of flowers, while the more open-mouthed vase ruins the shape of the arrangement. Make sure to choose a vase that can accommodate the height and thickness of the bloom arrangements.

Hydrate Your Flowers

To extend the life of your birthday flower bouquet, place them in a vase filled with water. Warm water is ideal if you are facilitating blooms, whereas cold water is providing your blossoms longevity. It is advisable to change the water every two days as bacteria in the water causes your flowers to droop. Misting the petals with water helps delay the wilting. It also gives a fresher look to your flowers.

Remove Excess Leaves and Dying Flowers

Removing excess foliage, especially in the stem area, prevents bacteria from thriving in the water. Leaves and flowers are competing for the nutrition they need; that is why it is necessary to remove the foliage. Meanwhile, dead flowers cause mould and bacteria build-ups.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Heat and direct sunlight cause the flowers to wilt too soon. Shaded areas with cool temperature are essential to preserving the bloom of your birthday flower bouquet. Avoid putting them adjacent to fruits and vegetables as they cause the flowers to die faster.

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