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When you have received your activation code, validate your registration on the Genybet Sport website, as previously explained the validation of the account unlocks the 40 euros bonus so it is essential to activate it.

As you can see the bonus Genybet is interesting, you simply need to save only once the amount of the bonus in order to re-credit the money on your account. So you have nothing to lose and much to gain from trying the Genybet adventure. With the 먹튀 site you can find the best deal.

  • Blue Cards / Visa / Mastercard,
  • Bank transfer,
  • paysafecard


  • Minimum deposit: 5 €
  • Deposit Fee: None
  • How to withdraw your money: Bank transfer
  • Minimum withdrawal possible: 10 euros
  • Fees for withdrawals: None
  • Minimum bet: 10 centimes
  • Minimum clearance allowed: 1.10

Compare with the payment methods available from other bookmakers

Genybet sport offers few means of deposit but they have the advantage of being free. The withdrawal of your winnings is like all bookmakers by bank transfer.

The Android apps and Iphone Genybet sportsbook

Genybet offers a specific mobile site so you can bet at any time and in any place. It has the advantage of being compatible with all types of laptops and tablets. Its ergonomics are successful, it is pleasant and easy to use.

This bookmaker also offers applications on Iphone / Ipad and Android. This is the same application as Genybet turf, but it is absolutely not disturbing since the two universes are well separated.

The application has the same design as the site and the same features. One can easily make deposits, take bets and even withdraw his money.

You can even easily bet live. In short the app is fluid, no major slowdown is expected

Compare the Genybet Sport app with the best sports betting apps.

How to download the Genybet Sport app?

  • On Android: From the play store
  • On iOS: Available from the App Store, you must be at least under Ios 9

Downloading the Genybet Sport app

  • Genybet features and options
  • bookmaker genybet sport
  • Live betting
  • Statistics
  • Specials
  • Genybet does not yet offer a cash-out offer.

Live bets on Genybet sport

On Genybet It is possible to bet live on many meetings from the “live sports betting” section. The live betting interface is very complete, since you can visualize in real time the progress of the match. Even if there is no streaming, the live radar mode allows you to know in detail the course of the match.

The many statistics that concern both the pre-match but also the course of the match, will really help you. This allows you to make the right choice during these live bets.