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Here are Misconceptions About Your Smelly Durian Fruit

Aside from its putrid scent and funky smell, it is also known as the king of fruits. Well, that’s another truth for your favouriteorder of durian from an online store in Singapore. But other than these facts, you must also know the common misconceptions associated with this delectable and creamy fruit. Here are some myths you may either debunk or believe as you enjoy savouring your unique treat:

Cholesterol Heavy

Whether you buy from a market stall or get it online, your durian fruit may be disliked by most of your friends because of this misbelief. Some may even discourage you from eating one to protect your health. Moreover, they would argue that it will only risk you from developing complications brought about by your high cholesterol level.

Well, there is a possibility that you may chance upon a luscious and notably sweet durian from your online purchase. It is great to have one since most options you can find are either creamy or bland. It may also be a challenge to buy a sugary fruit if the vendor doesn’t know how to identify if it is already ripe and ready to be eaten.

The Truth: According to studies, it is considered as one of the heart-healthy foods available today. It means that it is safe to order and eat durian because it has monounsaturated fats that lower your bad cholesterol. It also balances your body’s triglyceride levels and low-density lipoprotein. These researches only debunk claims that it can risk your health, when in fact, it doesn’t contain any cholesterol at all!

Magic on the Husk

Who wouldn’t want a heap of durian flesh from an online store that offers home delivery services? That may be a great option if you like ready-to-eat treats delivered right in your doorsteps. Say goodbye to the spiky fruit husk you need to deal with when you get it fresh from a market stall. Avoid getting pricked by those bothering thorns that may also irritate your skin if mishandled.

Some also feel intimidated in eating the fruit because of its prickly appearance. Others think that it would only be a hassle to remove the husk as it may only hurt them eventually. Moreover, they may be clueless about how to do it, and only experienced cutters can do it correctly.

The Truth: But did you know that delicious and ripe durian order may be a result of the magic on the husk? You may observe that street stall sellers often hit the husk of the fruit before they sell it to their customers. Well, that’s a trick they use to ripen the fruit within seconds! Some experienced eaters also drink water from the husk to get rid of the awful fruit odour in their breath.

Hot Fruit

Aside from the husk-hitting practice, you may also notice coconut water sold in fruit stands where you can order durian. Some sellers may offer you with mangosteen on your every purchase of this thorny fruit. Have you ever wondered why they sell these in sets and packages?

Locals in Singapore believe that durian – whether you bought it online or from a street stall – makes your body hot. There are rumours that this fruit increases your body temperature, and you need something to cool you down every time you eat it. Thus, mangosteen and coconut water are effective coolers to stabilize your warm feeling.

The Truth: There is no known scientific basis to support this claim, but it is common among fruit eaters to feel such sensations when they eat their durian orders. Some may even sweat a lot while they’re enjoying their treat. However, it doesn’t prove that it is a hot fruit, and you need to eat it with some coolers.

Libido Booster

Some people also believe that the fruit boosts your sex drive. It may originate from the heating sensation you might feel when you eat your online durian orders. Hence, you can also sense an extreme feeling of desire when you consume the fruit.

The Truth: Like with the previous belief, there is no known explanation if it is indeed an aphrodisiac fruit. There are several studies today focusing on this unique feature of thedurian fruit that you usually orderfor regular consumption. For now, enjoy it as a comforting, sweet dessert after every meal at home.

Lethal with Alcohol

Fruit eaters also avoid consuming it together with alcoholic drinks. These include your wines, beers, vodka, gin, tequila, and many others. Some disbelievers also claim that it is risky to combine it with sodas and carbonated drinks. They would say that your durian order may only make you sick that may lead to life-threatening conditions.

The Truth: You may indeed feel some discomfort when you consume the durian you had for delivery with any alcoholic and carbonated drink. However, it is not because they are forming toxic substances in your system. It is due to your body’s reaction every time you eat something high in carbohydrates – like the fruit and such carbonated drinks – that causes indigestion and bloating.

Wait for Eight

Have you heard about the eight-hour rule? Experienced eaters of the fruit believe that it is best to eat it eight hours after it drops to the ground. Yes, that’s right! Your durian orders only fall by itself when it is ripe and ready to be harvested. Some may advise you to check also if its stem is moist as it tells that your fruit is fresh.

The Truth: You indeed need to linger for eight more hours after its tree drop to have the best-tasting fruit. But why would you endure the long wait if you can have fresh durian orders the moment you crave for one? Get yours now with Durian Factory Singapore and enjoy your creamy treat anytime and anywhere! Check their website now to place your online orders with affordable delivery fees!