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How Athletes Like You Can Avoid Injuring the ACL in Singapore

Our musculoskeletal system is remarkable. The human body is capable of achieving great things when pushed to its limits. But even the healthiest of athletes can develop physical conditions. Some may even get into accidents that force them to wear leg splints or arm casts, or even undergo a replacement knee surgery in Singapore.

One of the most common injuries that athletes can experience is an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament, also known as the ACL. It’s the most common ligament in the knee to sustain injury. A tear can result in swelling, severe pain, and an inability to use the full range of motion in your knee.

If you play sports regularly, you are vulnerable to an ACL injury in Singapore. How do you limit the chances of injuring your ACL?

1) Make sure you do your warm-up exercises before the game. Muscles that aren’t stretched or haven’t been loosened before the game are more prone to injury. Don’t skip your warm-up before heavy use of your muscles.

2) Use the correct footwear and equipment for your game. If you use the incorrect equipment, your muscles won’t be protected well enough. If you don’t want to experience getting an ACL surgery in Singapore, use the correct footwear.

3) Do strength and muscle exercises. Through regular training, you can strengthen your knee muscles and ligaments and prevent an ACL tear. If you suspect you’re having a partial or full ACL tear, it is best to look for an ACL tear specialist and get it diagnosed. Just make sure not to overdo it!

4) Meet up with a sports medicine doctor or specialist. They can assess your physical condition and prevent future injuries. They can also help prevent muscles from deteriorating.

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