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  How Can Safety Gear in Sports Can Improve Athletes

Most sports practised in school today are contact sports. In fact, most popular sports leagues in the world involve heavy physical engagement, from the Super Bowl to the English Premier League. Athletes in similar sports still obtain injuries and undergo major Singapore orthopaedic surgery.

For these reasons, wearing high-quality safety and protective gear in sports is a must for every athlete. Without doing so could lead to fatal injuries, permanent damage to the body, and even death.

Apart from wearing the right gear, parents and the athlete must also know how to deal with sports-related injuries immediately before transporting the patient to the nearest orthopaedic clinic in Singapore.

Learn more about how protective sports gear can actually save lives by reading this article.

The Importance of Wearing Proper and High-Quality Sports Gear

Injuries can trump an athletes’ goal of pursuing their athletic careers and playing in the league of their dreams. There are many reasons why athletes get injured. It includes unsportsmanlike conducts and acts, overtraining, improper techniques, and just purely accident. Among the causes is the wearing of improper sports gear. But how does it really affect or reduce the risk of getting injured?

But before we get to the main topic, let us first discuss the two main classifications of sports injuries.

The Two Primary Injury Classifications In Sports

Acute Injuries

Acute injuries are injuries obtained from a blunt force. It can affect muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, and bones. Among the common acute sports injuries are sprain, bursa, dislocation, fractures, and strain. Usually, these injuries may require treatments done by an orthopaedic doctor in Singapore. Acute injuries can be obtained in two ways: contact and non-contact.

●     Contact Injury

Contact or direct injuries are obtained through external force. It could be from colliding with another player, receiving punches and kicks during a combat sports match, or being hit or struck by sports equipment, such as a baseball bat or tennis racket.

●     Non-contact Injury

Non-contact or indirect injuries are obtained through internal force. It could be falling on the wrong feet, resulting in dislocation or ankle sprain. It could also be self-inflicted injuries caused by poor techniques, lack of proper warmup, and overtraining.

Many athletes who acquired these injuries seek treatment and rehabilitation from an ankle specialist in Singapore.

Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are obtained from doing excessive and repetitive activities that stress and damage the affected tissues. Although these repetitive activities pose no harm at first, they wear out the most affected tissues; in the long run, resulting in overuse injuries.

The healing capacity of the muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and other tissues is trumped by the trauma they constantly receive from the repetitive activity. Injuries could worsen if the athletes happen to overuse their bodies while practising the wrong method or technique.

High loads of strenuous activities and lack of ample recovery time aggravate the risk of obtaining overuse injuries.

Tennis elbow, Achilles tendinopathy, chronic degeneration, and bursitis are among the examples of overuse injuries.

Severe cases of overuse injuries may require Singapore orthopaedic surgery.


Reduces The Risk Of Injuries

Protective and safety gears play a crucial role in minimising the risk of contact and combat sports. The lack of safety gear causes direct and indirect sports-related injuries to the athletes.

Firstly, these protective gear absorb the impact collision and other external forces in the games. For example, helmets are worn in sports like football, baseball, hockey, and skateboarding to prevent brain injuries caused by head traumas. Severe brain trauma is deadly.

Secondly, protective gear also minimises the impact of the force the athlete has exerted. For example, a boxer wears padded boxing gloves to prevent damaging the fragile bones in their hands when striking heavy objects like punching bags or blunt objects, such as the skull or jaw.

Many athletes who wear the appropriate footwear for the sport suffered from different foot and ankle injuries and had to visit an ankle specialist in Singapore for treatment.

Enhances The Performance

Basically, if you have a few injuries, your body is at its prime and in tune for the game.

Unfortunately, the effects of previous injuries can linger and last for many years; even they are fully healed. Also, the injured body part becomes more vulnerable than other tissues that haven’t received any trauma.

Apart from enhancing the performance by tuning up the body in its best state before the game, the athlete can maximise their A-game by wearing high-quality sportswear.

For example, basketball players wear lightweight running or basketball shoes. Footwork is one of the foundations of basketball. Players have to jump, sprint, and cut. Wearing lightweight shoes with proper foot and ankle cushion enhances the speed, agility, and stability of the player.

Athletes may go to an orthopaedic clinic to purchase custom shoe insoles and inserts to speed up the healing from foot and ankle injuries or bunionsurgery in Singapore.

Athletes Play Longer

Unfortunately, many athletes who have received fatal injuries are forced to early retirement. Many sporting careers of promising athletes have been derailed due to injuries.

One great example is the baseball player Tony Conigliaro. Tony Conigliaro obtained a fractured cheekbone, dislocated jaw, and damaged retina after taking a pitch from one of his games in 1967. During that time, baseball batting helmets did not have ear flaps.

Safety gear protects the welfare of the athlete. If the body is in perfect condition, the athlete could play more leagues and games.

It is also important to consult anorthopaedic doctor in Singapore if you sustained sports-related injuries.

Boosts The Confidence

Players can play confidently with assurance of safety through their high-quality protective gear. Engaging in collisions will be their last thing to worry about.

In contrast, acute injuries due to direct contact affect the self-esteem of the athlete. Many athletes suffer from symptoms of depression after their injury or during their hiatus for recovery fromSingapore orthopaedic surgery.


Many parents refrain from signing up their kids for sports. Others give up their dreams of becoming sports icons due to fear of injuries.

One of the ways to prevent fatal injuries is by wearing protective safety gear.

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