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How Do You Differentiate Real Pearls from Faux Pearls?

Both the real pearls and faux ones look pretty to look from the outside. However, definitely the quality, precociousness and the price vary.

When to buy pearl jewellery?

You are on a holiday and you want to indulge in some pearl shopping or perhaps you are in a city or county which is known for its pearl that you have been eying on for long, the Japanese Akoya pearls, for instance. Few tips –

  • Don’t buy from any random jeweller you find down the alley.
  • Ask the locals and your hotel to recommend a genuine jeweller
  • Make sure your jeweller has jewellery certification and returned policies

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Do you own pearls?

You own a piece of pearl jewellery that you already bought or inherited? You need to know if they are real pearls. Planning to sell them so you want the real worth of them in cash, then it’s always best to take your pearls to the expert at your jewellery store. You will always have a trusted jeweller anyways.

Some quick tests for real pearls

If for some reason you are unable to take your pearls with you for getting it validated by an expert or a known jeweller or if you are in need to decide on the pearls quickly, then these are the few things to check for.

  • Genuine pearls are heavier than plastic or resin pearls
  • Watch out for paint chipping off or enamel peeling away from the drill holes. They are fake
  • Natural pearls are never alike or perfect. They have minor colour variations and never a prefect sphere.
  • Larger natural pearls are more imperfect and have dents and more valuable.
  • A real pearl string will have knots in-between each of them.
  • Genuine pearls are more glowy than shiny.
  • Real pearls are cool to touch and quickly warms up to your body temperature.

Women are quite impulsive. Therefore, let’s use the above tips to decide on whether or not to buy that pearl necklace or pearl bracelet that we fancy.