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How do you pick the best roti maker?

A roti maker is essentially a machine that makes a variety of rotis. It can also be used for making puri, pizza base, burritos etc. Nothing like being able to have the ability to probe technology at your fingertips, is it not? Artificial intelligence makes the impossible possible. The Rotimatic is one such appliance that is able to make roti right from mixing the dough, flattening and cooking them. It’s just a push of the button away! The rotimatic reviews have proved how exceptionally well it works for thousands of satisfied users from around the globe.

The factors that corroborate with it are:

  • Design: The design is quite perceptibly the most important part of a machine. For instance, you want the handle to be heat-resistant. The pan should be of a non-stick composition. No one wants to spend hours trying to scrape off food from the pan. This makes cleaning a piece of cake.

Among the various materials used, chrome is apparently the best option for its longevity. It is durable, hardy and you actually get your money’s worth.

  • Features

The material that is used in the building of the gadget is directly proportional to its lifespan.  Even if it has high tech features, it can fall apart like a house of cards if the equipment material is not up to the standard. For example, plastic or steel tends to break and render the machine futile. Once it starts cracking and bending around the edges, it’s bound to go to pieces. Choose the material wisely.

  • Power

Power is another important component. It should have the ability to make roti or bake bread at around 850 watts. Temperature control is a must for monitoring the performance so as to get the desired result. A smart device like Rotimatic goes a long way in communicating instructions like the appropriate temperature, giving you a heads up when you must add more flour etc.

If you’re living with your family, everybody is finicky when it comes to what kind of bread or roti they like. It pays to be able to fine tune the operational features so you choose the texture and consistency of your food at whim.

  • Recipes

Some of these models do come with their own cookbook along with the manual but don’t use it as a yardstick to judge the device. There are plenty of recipes by professional chefs that can be dovetailed in the use of roti making machine.

  • Warranty

Ensure that it has a long warranty. Some of these break down in the initial stages.

Also, do not be discouraged if your roti does not come out alright in the first attempt. You have to experiment on the machine the first few times or dozen, like altering the amount of flour, water, baking soda and such. It’s only a matter of time before you hit the nail in the head.

  • Price factor

It is better to shop online as they aren’t challenged with as much competition. Try to look for deals, discounts, free shipping and things like that. Also, make sure that your product is not defective.