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How much to Expect from a Personal Injury Claim?

The average compensation for a personal injury claim is around $ 52900 and there are chances for you to get at least 70% of the total amount. The personal injury settlements, as well as court awards, come in between $ 3000 to $ 75000 and almost seven readers out of ten receive award or settlement for their claims. However, this typically depends on how efficiently you pursue your claim and, in most cases, when an experienced personal injury attorney such as Perry Bundy Plyler& Long LLP works with your claim, you have the possibilities of achieving the maximum amount of your settlement. Eventually, if you are on the way of claiming compensation of the accident that was caused because of the irresponsibility and carelessness of someone else, and you do not have any fault for the accident, you may anxious to know the amount of your award.

A systematic study to get an idea of how much amount the personal injury claimants received after a settlement reveals that out of the total surveyed respondents 16% of claimants received less than $ 3000 whereas 37% of claimants received an amount ranging between $ 3000 to $ 10000. Similarly, out of the total surveyed claimants, 21% of respondents said that they received $ 10001 to $ 25000 and 10% of claimants received between $ 25000 to $ 75000. The most successful claimants who receive the highest amountsof more than $ 75000, were 16% of people from the total surveyed claimants.

Eventually, the study also reveals that little less than 30% of the total readers who claimed for personal injury settlements failed to receive any amount of compensation. As per the study, the amount of compensation ranged from $ 3000 to $ 75000 but some readers achieved considerably more amount. Importantly, this survey was conducted involving the readers who visited the website of the research group and sought the help of an attorney.