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  How to Build a Vault Room in 3 Steps


Say you have precious jewellery or important documents you want to keep safe. But banks don’t let you store items, and a small safe box isn’t big enough anymore. If that’s the case, you might need a vault room instead. It is a perfect room in your home if you have valuables you don’t want to lose. Plus, in an emergency, you can hide there to protect yourself and your family. If you want a vault room in your home, you can turn a spare room into one with these three steps.


1. Pick a location.

Picking the location is one of the most critical steps in building a vault room. You must ensure the room you choose is the most secure in the whole house. The most popular choice is the basement, as it’s often discreet and has plenty of space. If you plan on using it as a safe room, look for a room that’s hidden but easy to enter. Avoid windows to the outside, as intruders can use those to break in.


2. Choose a safe door.

The safe door is the first and most crucial layer of protection in a safe room. While it doesn’t wholly deter all intruders from trying to break into your room in other ways, some might not stick around long enough to care about trying different methods. You don’t need a bulletproof door if you won’t be using the room to protect yourself, but if you’re using it as a safe room, you’ll need that extra security. Contact a vault manufacturer and see if they have any vault doors you can buy. If you’re worried about it being too noticeable, you can camouflage it and the surrounding walls, so intruders don’t see it immediately.


3. Fortify your room.

A door isn’t enough to fully protect you or your valuables. Fortify your vault room to make sure no intruders can enter any other way. Concrete is an excellent fortification that might already be the material of your walls and ceilings. If not, look for ways to strengthen your safe room through metal wall installations. Provide fireproofing in case of any natural disasters. If you plan on using your room as a safe room, make sure the room also has ventilation.


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