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How To Choose an Ideal Bedroom Chandelier?

When you go chandelier shopping for your bedroom then choose something unique that displays your personality and style. Modern, contemporary, or classic chandeliers are ideal solutions to add ambiance and brightness to soften the bedroom look rather than direct or task lighting. Choose master bedroom chandeliers that add a romantic and sophisticated element to the décor. 

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Chandelier size matters

Bedrooms are enclosed spaces without open floor plans or high ceilings like dining or living rooms. As the overhead space is limited, it becomes crucial to consider the chandelier size seriously. It must fit the bedroom space. 

The golden rule to get the chandelier fixture’s measurement is to measure the bedroom’s length and width in feet. Add the length and width and you get the result in width. The resulting number changed into inches is the perfect diameter of the chandelier for the bedroom. A light fixture over big can look dominant, while an extremely small one is useless. 

Purpose of the chandelier light fixture

If the bedroom has overhead lights like in-ceiling bulbs or overhead crystal light fans, or recessed can lights then adding a chandelier is great but needs to be done correctly to avoid the sloppy look? 

If you are using the bedroom chandelier as the main light source to brighten the space, then ensure that it is capable of providing brightness to the entire space. If you want a chandelier as an aesthetic element and not a major light source, then choosing one with more decorative features like crystal pendants is ideal. 

Chandelier positioning to consider

After you determine the diameter of the chandelier and are well aware of the purpose then you will need to consider the right placement. 

If the chandelier is to be used as the main lighting source, then hang it in the center of the bedroom, so brightness is spread across every nook and corner. 

If it is for decorative purposes, then you can play with positioning. Over the bed, close to the vanity, both sides of the bed, over the headboard, and many other creative options are available. The aesthetics will increase but the utility will be less.  

Determine the hanging height from the ceiling

It doesn’t matter if you position the chandelier in the middle of the room or over the bed or headboard. The chandelier’s bottom needs to roughly hang 7 feet above ground level. However, if you are hanging it over the bed then adjust the fixture. It must not hinder you while watching TV or be a safety hazard when you climb or sit on the bed. 

If you position them above the side tables then ensure to hang them based on nightstand height. The other lighting sources need to be spread across the room to attain a posh and balanced look. 

Any kind of chandelier type you choose to upgrade your bedroom, ensure to consult a reliable and experienced electrician. Some lighting fixtures need modified placement or extra support to ensure a safe mount.