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In the world of crafting, different types of router bits are used in the given activities. Some of the bits are used for basic operations while others are used for specific purposes. The following are guidelines on how to choose the right ones for your tools of work.

Generally, bits are available in three different materials which have different characteristics. The first tip to choosing the right bit for tools is knowing which material is suitable for the intended work. The first category of bits is the carbide tipped bits. Other types of bits are the solid carbide bits. A comparison between these two makes shows that the solid carbide bits are smoother, are also cleaner and have more accurate cuts as compared to the carbide tipped bits. This comparison shows how different makes of bits have different work output.

Another tip to factor in when choosing the right bits for your tools is the manufacturer. Different manufacturers have different qualities for their products. It is therefore wise to research and do thorough checks on potential manufacturers when one wants to purchase the bits. This will lead to purchasing bits that not only deliver in their intended work, but last longer preventing unnecessary expenses caused by constant replacement of bits.
Another tip is the pricing of the products. Pricing of these products can be done according to material used to make them. Different manufacturers may also price their materials differently. When on a tight budget, it is advisable to go for ones which suit your financial boundaries while at the same time delivering the intended quality of work.

Another tip to consider when choosing the right bits is the type of work intended for the bits. They are categorized differently according to the work they do. Common examples are the straight bits which are used to drill straight down into materials such as wood. Flush trim bits, which have pilot bearings are used to trim material edges for a smooth finish. Moulding bits are used specifically on router tables. Another example is the rabbeting bit which are used for cutting either horizontally or vertically along edges. The raised panel bits are used with rail and stile bits mostly on door panel edges. This type of knowledge on different types of bits is a key factor to consider when choosing the router bits for your tools.

Maintenance is also another factor to consider when choosing the right bits for your tools. Bits have different rotating speeds due to the materials used to make them and their purposes. Bits should also be cleaned and stored properly to avoid wearing off. When acquiring bits, it is therefore essential to make sure that you buy the ones that are easy to maintain in their given work conditions.

Another factor to consider is the shank diameter. Basic bits have a diameter of either a half or a quarter of an inch. The half inch shank diameters are more preferable to the quarter inch due to various reasons. They have a surface area that is four times bigger and provide better support when cutting edges as compared to the quarter inch shank diameter. The half inched ones are therefore more efficient.