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How To Create Your Interior Design Color Scheme | HDB, Condo And Residential


In your journey of hiring interior design services in Singapore, you must know that your opinion as a client matters. Since you will be working through your home, you should ensure that your colour palette and design match your preference.

When planning any residential interior design in Singapore, colour schemes play an important role in achieving your dream place.

Colour schemes are essentially the arrangement and selection of colours in a given area. It may alter your perception of a room by using these colours and their mix in the space. It is possible to create an atmosphere, accentuate a particular style, and unite different elements in a single location using a colour palette.

Although a minimalist style is in and incorporating white as your primary colour is a thing, there might be schemes that interest you. You should know that the colours you choose for your walls, furniture, and other decorations may have a significant impact on how you feel about a room.

Aside from the help of your interior design services in Singapore, here’s how to help you choose and create your palette. Beautiful Homes also has a curated selection of home designs in different colour themes for more 5-room HDB design inspirations


Colour Schemes You May Choose From


An analogous colourscheme may be a good option for someone who has difficulty with the colour chart. Similar colour schemes in residential interior design in Singapore uses different colours that are adjacent or on the same hue. Most experts who offer interior design services in Singapore use this to create a harmonious or pleasant colour combination.

You may use the 60-30-10 colour rules for a better tone and proportion. It includes a 60% dominating colour (typically a primary or secondary), a 30% supplementary colour (a secondary or tertiary), and a 10% accent colour (either a combination of the first two hues or an eye-catching accent hue) that stands out.


A monochromatic colour scheme is explicitly using a single hue. However, it’s not entirely one colour since you can experiment with tones, shades, and tints that range from darkest to lightest. By adjusting the saturations, you can keep things exciting and avoid monotony for your condo or HDB interior design in Singapore.


It employs two hues on the colour wheel that are on opposing sides of one another. When you place two complementary shades close to one another, they create a natural illusion of synchronous contrast. As a result, both hues will be more noticeable to the eye, which will benefit your HDB or condo interior design in Singapore.


Split-complementary is easy to work with and has many applications when designing your residential interior design in Singapore. Thecolour wheel uses two colours symmetrically surrounding the complementary colour instead of one.

The distinction and proportion between warm and cold colour temperatures benefit from a complementary colour scheme.


With triadic as your colour scheme, you can choose three evenly spaced colours and create a stunning contrast in your HDB or condo interior design in Singapore. This palette will offer a dramatic and vibrant look since each colour is unique to one another.


This colour scheme is known to be more complex compared to other palettes. The four colours of a tetradiccolour scheme are all equally distant from one another, where it has a core colour and three additional. They may generate a unique and memorable impact on your condo or HDB interior design in Singapore if done correctly.


Like how it is named, you choose a squared scheme on the colour wheel where all colours are placed equally around each other. It uniformly distributes the colours around the colour wheel in this pattern. It allows you to create various moods for your residential interior design in Singapore.



How To Plan Your Own Colour Scheme For Your Interior

Stick to one favourite colour

When hiring interior design services in Singapore, they will also need your idea on your colour. It might feel overwhelming at first, but you may begin with your favourite hues. When limiting your colour options, you open yourself to new creative possibilities.

It will save your palette from being overly cluttered with clashing hues. This way, you can openly choose which one would best fit your condo or HDB interior design in Singapore.

Consider the room’s purpose.

The colour scheme sometimes depends on how you will use the room. It can be an office, a relaxing area, a baby’s room and more. Colour generates an atmosphere and a sensation, and you should choose the colours to reflect this. You can design your residential interior design in Singapore based on how you use the space.

Check the lights that enter the room.

The amount of light a room receives has a significant impact on how colours seem, hence the colours you choose. Seeing a material’s actual colour relies on the wavelengths of light that you know as it affects the value and intensity of the colour. It will all depend on whether you use light or dark palettes on your condo or HDB interior design in Singapore.

Play around with minor details

Once you’ve decided on a primary colour scheme, you can then play around with different shades and tints of that colour to give the room a finishing touch. Most experts who provide interior design services in Singapore know the natural tendency is to look upward; thus, it’s essential to maintain the attention in the same way.

Integrate art in your interior

You can never go wrong with artworks to elevate your space. Incorporating some into the space’s decor is a great way to enhance the design and convey your character. In planning your condo or HDB interior design in Singapore, you may choose to buy a single large-sized art or incorporate multiples in your walls.

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