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How to Find A Good HVAC Company

Each time the seasons change, homeowners are reminded that they should have their HVAC units serviced. However, finding an HVAC company that is dependable and performs quality service can be a challenge. Continue reading for suggestions of how to find an HVAC company.


Home HVAC systems are integral to our homes. As such they operate long hours, which means they need to be intricate systems to be so reliable. For such complex units, you need service technicians who are qualified. Trained professionals who can service, repair, and recommend units are needed as employees in the HVAC company you select.

Ask the company about the training that their employees undergo. Look for a mix of hands-on and classroom type of instruction and recertification. Also, inquire about the safety training that their employees participate in.


Though you may have a fully operational system, at some point you might need to replace it. You want to find an HVAC company that has technicians who can assess your house and offer options for new units. They should provide purchase cost, repair and service typically needed, energy consumption, and operating cost, so you can make an informed decision.

Also, select an HVAC company that will complete an unbiased energy audit of your home as part of their services. The audit should include recommendations for you to think about implementing.


Getting recommendations from family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers can be invaluable. Someone who has used the same HVAC company for years can provide insight to you about what the firm offers. Most firms will have on their website testimonials from satisfied customers. Most people are not going to provide misleading information.

To supplement any reviews from customers, you can contact the Better Business Bureau. They have an impartial system that they use to measure companies’ performance. Find an HVAC company that posts this information on their website.