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How to Get an ETA Canada?

Every time you travel abroad, you must have some required travel documents. If you plan to visit Canada for less than 3 months, an Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA will be needed. But how to obtain this important travel document? Find here what you need to know before applying for an ETA Canada.

Why Is It Important to Get an ETA Canada?

The ETA Canada is an automatic system used to determine the admissibility of visitors to Canadian territory under specific regulations. It requires the same information as provided on the paper version of the entry form to Canada. Canadian law has demanded the Homeland Security Department to establish an electronic travel authorization system and other measures to improve security of the country and its borders.

Indeed, it enhances security to the extent that the government can determine before a trip whether a person is authorized to go to Canada and whether this trip poses a risk to law enforcement or internal security. All nationals of countries benefiting from the Electronic Travel Authorization wishing to go to Canada for a business or tourist trip of 90 days maximum will have to obtain this travel document before going to Canada. The ETA Canada cost is only 7 $CAN.

Necessary Information to Fill an ETA Canada Application Form Correctly

As a traveler who wants to go legally to Canada, you must fill an ETA form online by indicating in English your personal data, in particular your name, your date of birth and all the information appearing on your valid passport. You also must answer to a few questions about your admissibility to travel. It can concerns communicable diseases, arrests and convictions for certain crimes, the history of visa revocation or deportation. Moreover, you will need to provide credit card information to pay the fees involved in order to validate you ETA Canada form application.

When to Apply for an ETA Canada?

ETA Canada applications can be submitted at any time before the trip. But we recommend to apply as soon as your Canadian trip is planned. The government is aware that not all trips can be planned in advance and requests for last minute or emergency trips are taken into account. Travelers are not required to have a specific travel plan to Canada to apply for an ETA, but if you have one, it is highly recommended to provide the destinations and your route.