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How to Get the Perfect Sofa from an Online Furniture Shop

When constructing your dream house, most homeowners pay the most attention to how they decorate their interiors. What kinds of furniture do you need for your house? Beyond small pieces of furniture such as your nightstand, desk, or shoe cabinet in Singapore, you might want to pay the most attention to the centrepieces of your rooms. Each room has a piece of furniture that makes your room functional.

For example, your bed is the most important part of a bedroom, so you need to consider what wooden bed frame or mattress to buy. The dining room wouldn’t be complete if you don’t have a dining table to eat on. And for kitchens, you’ll need to design them around your various cooking appliances.

What about living rooms? Your sofa will be where your family and friends will gather together. You’ll have to choose your sofa carefully because different types and styles of sofas can influence the look of your living room. If you buy a sofa without making an informed decision, you’ll end up with a large and bulky piece that’s hard to get rid of. Make sure you are purchasing the right sofa for your living room!

What to look at when buying your sofa

Before you buy a sofa, do your research first. Decide on what you want your sofa to look like first before you start picking your options. Here are a few things you should look at before buying.

1) The purpose your sofa serves. Will your sofa act more as a pretty accessory in your living room, or are you going to use your sofa for more casual activities like lounging in front of the television? You’ll need a sofa that can accommodate your needs. Maybe you need an L shaped sofa or a foldable one for multipurpose usage. Or what about a sofa bed for Singapore apartments?

2) The size of your sofa. Size is a factor when purchasing any type of furniture. How many people does your future sofa need to seat? A spacious sofa won’t get used as often, and might not fit in a tiny living room. On the other hand, a small sofa won’t be able to seat all your housemates and guests. It will also look out of place in a larger living room! Measure your room size and the number of people who will regularly use this space.

The colour and pattern of your sofa. What colour is your room going to be? The patterns of very nice sofas can be deal breakers for many homeowners. Remember to check if specific sofa patterns and colours match your living room, or it can ruin your interior’s appearance!

3) The fabric of your sofa. The first thing you should check before buying a sofa online in Singapore is the texture of fabrics and other materials. The material type of your sofa will determine its comfort and function! Some fabrics like velvet are softer to the touch, while leather sofas are durable and can withstand years of use. Fabric material also dictates how easy your sofa will be to clean and maintain. Make sure you’re aware of the tradeoffs when choosing a sofa material.

How to buy your sofa through online shops


Nowadays, you don’t just have the option to buy your sofa through furniture stores. You can now buy furniture as large as wardrobes and sofas through online shops. Sometimes, it might even have certain advantages to buying in person. For example, you have a wider variety of sofas at your disposal. It’s also much more convenient to buy a sofa through a website. You’ll have a multitude of payment options to choose from. You can also have your sofa delivered to your home safely.

But like with any other expensive online purchase, you need to be careful about how you buy your sofa. You don’t have the luxury of seeing for yourself what size your sofa is or what its texture may be. You only have research and common sense to work off. When buying a sofa online, heed these tips so you don’t regret your purchase.

1) Check the website and brand you’re buying from. Does it come from a reputable company? Look at other online sources and find reviews about customers’ website experiences. See if there’s a recurring problem with the quality of their products and their service experience.

2) Make the necessary research before you buy. All the basics, such as sofa size and colour, should be looked up online. Make sure you have measured your room and are completely certain about your preferences before you even go sofa hunting.

3) Read the terms and agreements of the furniture shop you are buying from. Avoid bad deals and issues with shipping or purchasing by reading the shop’s website thoroughly. Ensure that you agree with the terms and are ready to take on the risks of buying a sofa in their online shop.

4) Get fabric swatches if possible. Since you can’t test out the real deal, why not ask for fabric swatches for the next best thing? It’ll allow you to see if your sofa can withstand the rigours of everyday wear. Fabric swatches also help you decide if you like your sofa’s texture.

5) Wait for a good deal. Did you know that many furniture shops sell high-quality furniture at a discount? You just have to wait for the right timing! A lot of great sales happen when you least expect it.

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