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Reaching out to divorce lawyers is better than committing a crime in the name of getting back at your irresponsible partner. In situations where your partner has abandoned you and your kids for no reason without hope of coming back to take full responsibility for the kids, that might be time to reach out to legal professionals as your partner might never see reasons to take active roles with you in taking care of your kids,  taking care of the kids is so demanding and should never be left for someone to handle weather they are divorced or still together, couples must be responsible for the wellbeing of their kids, you may decide to file for divorce if your partner has completely abandoned you and your kids. Even as a single parent, your partner should support you to ensure that your children are well taken care of, if you have tried reaching out to your spouse to know the reason behind his or her actions and he or she is not forthcoming, it won’t be a bad idea to involve your divorce lawyers to help fully understand the issue on ground and help you on the best steps to take to ensure you are not left to cater for your kids alone and keep waiting and hoping for a miracle to bring back a strayed partner who might never come back to correct his or wrongs or take responsibilities towards raising the kids.

If you find out that your partner has totally lost interest in you and the marriage and has shown you in different ways that he or she might never be interested again or you find out that your partner is already seeing other people despite the fact that you are still married, you should never assume that all is going to be alright, especially if you are convinced that your partner is already having an affair with people and you have evidence to back your claim, all you should do is to inform your divorce lawyers and allow them to help you seek justice in the court of law.

There are people who had at one point or the other tried to get revenge on their cheating partners through criminal means and were caught and punished by the state for breaking the laws guiding them as citizens and residents of a particular state, it is better to not try to revenge cheating partners or careless partners that have gone astray, hiring divorce lawyers the best thing to do is as they will work painstakingly to get you justice in the court of law by filing for divorce and requesting for damages and fines to help alleviate the financial troubles that might come as an aftermath of your divorce.