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How to maintain leather belts every day?

Every single piece of clothing and accessory requires maintenance or proper care. Without care, accessories may lose their shine and look dull. Leather belts also demand proper attention from day to day due to delicacy. It is counted in the essential accessories because it enhances the look of formal pants or simple pants. Moreover, if one can compare the maintenance of leather jackets with leather belts, then he finds that it is easy to maintain leather belts as compared to leather jackets. Here is some worthy tip to keep leather belts regularly. 

  • Keep it dry

Leather is a very delicate material. Even the small carelessness ruins the leather belts. In your daily routine, keep your leather belt away from the water. Due to moisture, leather belts lost their texture and became harder. If mistakenly your leather belts come in contact with water, immediately clean your belt with a towel or let it dry by air. In addition to it, do not use a hairdryer because heat makes it brittle and hard. You can also hang the belt in an open area.

  •   Clean the leather belts

Cleanliness is the vital key to keep the extended lasting shine of leather belts. Either you purchase leather belts online or offline, clean it with a soft brush. In addition to it, scrubbing the belt with brush and soap is also an excellent option to keep your leather belt dirt free. Moreover, there are several cleaners available in the market for leather belts that remove the stains. You can also use one of the cleaners. Select the best cleaner for leather.

  •  Carefully hang leather belts

As masses hang their clothes to avoid creases; likewise, you can hang the leather belts on hangers after the use to avoid stain. By attaching the leather belts, you will be able to maintain the proper shape of it. If you do not have an organizer, you can purchase it from online sites or markets. Moreover, choose two pieces of belt organizers for hanging. It has a space of twenty belts.

  • Condition your belt

You can also use the conditioner for your belts. If you have a shoe conditioner, then you do not need to purchase any conditioner. You can use a shoe conditioner for cleaning the leather belts. It will make your belt more graceful and shiny. In addition to it, Conditioner also helps to increase the life of the leather.

  •  Use alternative belts

Do not use one belt daily. If you use one belt regularly, it will become dull. It is the best method to keep your leather belts stain free. If you have three to four belts, wear it on a rotational basis. In addition to it, take the belt off from the pants, or jeans. By this, your leather belts never deformed or bent.

  • Storing

By storing correctly, you are able to maintain leather belts regularly. Instead of storing the belts in the basement, unheated areas, store it in the living space. If you have the cover of the belt, you can wrap it every night or after using it. It will help to keep your leather belts crack free. 


Usually, people think that leather belts do not require any care. If a leather belt loses its shine after three to four weeks of purchasing, they put the blame on the quality of leather or brand. But, they forget about their carelessness. Moreover, there are a number of tricks for the maintenance of belts. These tricks need extra time. Except for it, you can also use oil, alcohol for the care of belts. So, keep your leather belts shiny, show off your stain-free leather stuff.