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How to Set Up an Animal Rescue Organization in the UK


One dream that many animal rescue volunteers have in common is setting up their own animal rescue organization in the UK. This is a noble aspiration but you have to be realistic. Setting up an animal rescue organization requires a lot of resources and responsibilities. So think carefully before you do set up that great animal rescue.

Things to Know About Opening an Animal Rescue Organization

  1. You should consider carefully if the animal rescue organization is really what you want to devote your life to. It will require patience, time, strength, resources, and even sacrifice to make it a reality.
  2. Make a business expense plan. Your nonprofit animal rescue may be quite capital-intensive. So always go into it with a clear idea of the costs.
  3. Hire at least one veterinarian and some full-time staff. Ideally, you would think of getting volunteers – but what if there are none? In such cases, be prepared to shoulder the wages of these devoted animal welfare advocates.
  4. Find an ideal location then purchase the right equipment. You will be able to scout for the right place for the animal rescue with help from your vet. The vet would also know what kind of equipment is needed.
  5. Set up a bank account for donations from the public.
  6. Develop an online presence. If this means putting up a page on Facebook and an account on Instagram, do that. Be sure to list the important details of the animal rescue on your social media handles. This includes the bank account name and account number where the public can deposit their donations.
  7. Network with animal lovers in the community. However, you need to be careful while forging a network, as some people might even want to harm the animals you rescue. 
  8. Create animal welfare awareness campaigns. You can post details of these kinds of fundraisers on the social media accounts of the animal rescue. Try to get published in newspapers and magazines that talk about community events. You might even have an “Animal Adoption Day” on the anniversary of your animal rescue. These will help you generate support for further animal rescue activities.

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