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How To Store Fruits So They Don’t Go Bad

Fruits are the go-to source of fresh sweet taste during all seasons. Fruits are a great source of nutrition for our bodies as well as they aren’t filled with artificial preservatives and chemicals. However, due to this, fruits also tend to spoil faster. Spooled fruits aren’t tasty at all, but secondly eating overripe fruits can also cause health issues. 

Why Do Fruits Spoil?

Most of the time, fruits get spoilt because they are exposed to microorganisms that start eating them from the inside. The waste that these bacteria leave behind gives the rancid smell to fruits. Exposure to light also starts to deteriorate the outer layer of fruits due to a process called photodegradation. This can lead to a loss of color and nutrients. Fruits usually have high water content. Being left at room temperature with that amount of moisture also makes ample feeding grounds for mold to grow and spoil the food. 

Remedies For Food Spoiling:

  • Time: 

The best remedy to fruits spoilage is to recognize that they are perishable goods and cannot last forever. Thus, we should only buy food in quantities that we immediately need, and consume the fruits within a week. Giving them too much time to sit means that they will eventually spoil, no matter what precautions you take. 

  • Refrigeration: 

Keeping fruits in the fridge ensures that they are at the right temperature. Colder temperatures make it more difficult for microorganisms and bacteria to grow and proliferate. This means that the freshness of the fruits lasts for longer. 

  • Storage:

It is important to store fruits properly. You can keep them in a wood or plastic basket (ตะกร้า พลาสติก, which is the term in Thai) for a day or two, but beyond that, you should consider packing them. Ziplock bags or even refrigeration are great options. They stop bacteria from entering the fruits from outside and also keep away disease-carrying insects like flies and worms that are attracted to the sweet fruits. 

It is our responsibility to ensure that food is consumed before it is spoiled. The reason for this is not just a matter of consumption. Eating spoiled food can lead to serious health complications apart from just tasting bad. Secondly, there are also ethical considerations. With several people being hungry in the world, it is wrong for us to not take care of food and having to throw it away when they go bad.