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How To Take Good Care Of A Solar Panel Roof?

Global warming has become worse in many countries. If you have seen the news, the ice sheets in Antarctica are already melting, causing the sea level to rise. Antarctica may be thousands of kilometres away, but such an unfortunate event can indirectly affect everyone’s lives. Using a solar panel roof at home can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is one of the contributing factors to melting glaciers.

Below are some care and maintenance tips that can help you take advantage of solar energy in Singapore for years to come.

1. Replace Inverters Every 10 Years

Every solar panel roof system comes with an inverter. This device’s purpose is to help turn the direct current electricity into alternating current electricity, which is safe to use to power appliances.

Since the lifespan of an inverter only lasts 10 to 15 years, you will have to replace it sooner so it will not negatively affect the entire solar panel roof.

2. Maintain And Replace Batteries

Solar panel sheets in Singapore have a costly price because some come with batteries. Like a power bank, these allow you to store excess solar energy that you can use as electricity later.

3. Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

No matter how durable a solar panel roof is, keeping it clean will help maintain its efficiency. To remove the dust, debris, pollen and bird poop, wipe it with a soft cloth damped with reverse osmosis deionised water.

4. Document The Day-To-Day Performance

Having a daily record of the performance will save you later. When the routine maintenance expert comes in and asks questions, you may show this journal. The details written here will help maintain the good condition of your solar panel roof.

5. Trim Trees Nearby

Trees might seem no harm to solar panels, but keeping them under shade will prevent them from converting solar energy to electricity.

6. Check The Solar Panels After Storms

Storms can cause damage to your solar panel roof, so ensure to check it every time the storm ends. Doing so should if the panels require immediate repair.

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