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How to Use Mass Printing Services to Market Your Brand

There are three kinds of marketing techniques and the cheapest among these three is what we call below-the-line marketing. In this technique, the most prominent marketing tools are printed materials. While it can restrictive since most printed materials only appeal to visual learners, there are various ways on how you can use printed materials for marketing purposes. When posters can be used to promote movies, leaflets can be used to promote events and magazines and brochures can feature your products and services for a longer reading time.

Printing companies have long been a partner for many companies in their below-the-line marketing campaigns whether it be off-set or large format printing. Through the various services a printing company can offer, the affordable yet effective marketing campaign is made possible, especially for startup companies and non-profit organizations. Today, we will share with you some of the services you can enjoy for your next brand or promotional campaign.

Magazine Printing

Magazines are one of the most reader-friendly materials in Singapore. The glossy material is very appealing as you will not find it difficult to turn the pages. Attractive images and colourful borders also make each page visually appealing to the readers. This is why magazine printing in Singapore is still one of the trusted marketing techniques for promoting a collection and showcasing your company’s milestones.

There are many ways wherein a company can use magazine printing to their advantage. When a company celebrates their anniversary, they often release a coffee table book that features their history and their plans for the upcoming years. Likewise, you can also avail of magazine printing whenever you have to release a new collection. It can further be an additional income when you decide to sell magazines about your services. For instance, a home improvement magazine was being serialized by an interior design firm.


Paperbag Printing

There are more to shifting to a paper bag that makes it a good marketing strategy. Firstly, paper bag printing will make your logo more appealing to your customers. Unlike plastic bags that are easily thrown away after the purchase, a paper bag is worth reusing. Thus, you’ll be sure that your brand comes a long way after every purchase from your store. Another good thing about paper bag printing is that it gives way to a new initiative for your company, which is using eco-friendly packaging. People love this kind of initiative. It makes their purchase seemed more practical and purposeful. Thus, many consumers are opting for stores that offer environmentally friendly packaging.

Likewise, paper bag printing is also often used for fundraising initiatives. It’s either the social enterprise will sell paper bags with their own designs, featuring artworks and slogans or they will give them as souvenirs for going in a fundraising event.


Large Format Printing

More often than not, size matters when it comes to marketing. A life-sized banner will more likely be more visible as compared to a tag and when you want to draw the attention of a crowd, you have to make it big. Large format printing is good for that specific purpose. With this type of printing service, a billboard-sized tarpaulin is possible. You can also get your awning printed so passers-by will easily take notice of your promotions.


Certificates, Documents, and Calling Cards

Although large format printing is crucial to draw the attention of the crowd, backing this technique with small yet useful printed materials will work best for your campaign. Sometimes, we failed to realize that documents, calling cards and certificate printing are as important as preparing other printed marketing materials.

Most companies are requesting offset printing for their official papers for uniformity and indirectly, brand awareness. With this type of printing service, you can print your logo, tagline and contact information on the header of your company papers, your calling card and the certificates your company issue.


Brochures, Leaflets and Flyers

When you wish to promote new products or services but do not wish to get an entire magazine printing in fear of insufficient content, you can always opt for a brochure, a leaflet or a flyer. These materials are ideal for informative yet short content. The text will be easier to read and digest while still including all the crucial information to make your products and services sell.


Where to Find the Best Printing Services in Singapore?

Should you wish to invest in mass printing services to support your marketing campaigns, finding the best printing company is crucial. A good printing company can spell the difference between a good campaign material and an ineffective one. Here are some of the indicators of a good printing company:

  • They must be able to offer a complete line of printing services, or at least, they must be offering the services for all the marketing tools you’ll need.
  • The printing company must be able to offer the services at a price that you can both agree with.
  • The printing quality for your various marketing materials must all be equally good.
  • The printing company must be recommended by other entities based on their customer service and work ethics.

Win & Win Printer is a printing company that offers affordable printing services in Singapore. We are trusted by both private and public offices in their below-the-line marketing needs.