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Importance of SiteLock in Website and Server Security

The internet is a minefield of cyber threats and malware that can cause irreparable damage to your website. Once your website is attacked, it not only loses its data, but it also takes a hit to its credibility. After all, nobody wants to associate with a website that cannot secure itself against attacks. Then it won’t matter if it was a concentrated attack or a simple user error. Hence, security becomes a crucial aspect of ensuring that your website continues to function without interruptions.

There are a plethora of security solutions available that offer varying degrees of protection against a wide range of threats. SiteLock Website Security is among the most popular and prominently used security measures. It is an all-around security suite that not only protects your website but also seeks out threats and eliminates them before they can cause any damage. The way SiteLock works is different from other security options. It has partnered with several website hosting providers around the world to protect websites within their hosting environments. Here’s a close look at the importance of SiteLock in website and server security.

  1. It is a proactive security measure

SiteLock does not just passively protect your website against cyberattacks but also acts as the first line of defence. It actively scans for potential security threats and warns the admin in advance in case of an impending attack. It thus neutralises threats before they can affect your website.

  1. It can detect gaps in security

SiteLock carries out daily scans and inspects every aspect of your website to identify any security gaps that may exist. It then notifies the admin about these and fixes them automatically before they can be exploited by hackers or malware.

  1. It protects sensitive data

Once a website loses its customers’ personal or financial data, it instantly loses its credibility. Even if you get your website up and running again, you will not be able to rebuild the trust that easily. SiteLock is quite capable of preventing such data thefts by looking out for over 10 million known malware threats every day.

  1. It prevents blacklisting of your website

Once a website is compromised, it sees a drastic fall in traffic, earning itself a search engine blacklisting. It is the search engine’s way of protecting internet users from potential malware by displaying a warning that turns them away. Search engines can even go as far as removing your site from search results. SiteLock nips this problem in the bud by scanning for and removing malware every day.

  1. It can prevent host suspension

‘Suspended by host’ is among the worst things that can happen to your website and keeps your users from accessing it. Hosting providers will take an infected website offline to stop the infection from spreading to others hosted on their server. SiteLock prevents this from happening by detecting and eliminating known malware automatically.

SiteLock protection offers 360° protection to your website and hosting server by taking the fight to the online threats. It boosts your customers’ trust with SiteLock Trust Seal. Available in the form of easy annual plans, SiteLock protects your website with some other most powerful security measures there are.