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Is Smart Watch Useless

In 1999, Samsung released an SPH-WP10. With the form of watches and the concept of using mobile phones, they have entered the market. Its design concept comes from communication equipment in science fiction movies. It was equipped with a hot monochrome night scene display screen at that time. This laid the foundation for the development of smart watches. IBM and Japanese watch manufacturer Xitiecheng released a Watchpad in 2001. It is equipped with a 320×240 resolution QVGA display screen. Is running on a Linux 2.4 system. At the same time, it has 8MB of running memory and 16MB of storage space. This was an innovative product at that time. It is regrettable that it has not been applied to the market. In 2004, Microsoft SPOT series smart watches were launched and listed in 2006. Its listing and release have set off an upsurge in the manufacture of smart watches.

But to this day, the fate of smart watches does not seem to be smooth. Even if it is full of the wisdom of technicians in the new era, it is difficult to resist a lot of malicious speculation. It has been controversial since it was released by the market. Many consumer groups believe that the functions of smart watches are not irreplaceable. Their use must depend on smart phones.

The development of smart watches is a short span of more than ten years. Its technology is innovating and developing. In terms of independence, it is unfair to smart watches. This is not an objective evaluation either for the product itself or for the huge consumer groups it faces. We might as well change our thinking and analyze this.

The Substitution of Smart Watches for Traditional Watches

There is no denying that the emergence of smart watches is a huge impact on the traditional watch market. What kind of choice would you make when buying HONOR MagicWatch 2 and a traditional watch that can only support watching time? Both have the same attributes of decoration and timing. The former has more intelligent usage characteristics. Apart from the collection value of luxury goods, most consumers will choose the former.

The “smart” of Smart Watches

Compared with traditional watches, the biggest consumption highlight of smart watches lies in the word “smart”. It has the ability to process data and information. This makes it have the embodiment and integration of various data such as sports, health and life, catering to consumers’ usage preferences to the greatest extent and providing better quality products and services. It has functions that smart phones cannot replace, such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection and other tasks that require sensors to complete. It is more convenient to carry during exercise.

To sum up, the existence of smart watches is inevitable.