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business in Meydan Free Zone

Key steps to start a business in Meydan Free Zone

In this instance, you’d require a distribution licence.

For example, you can pick from 600 business operations in DMCC in over 20 different areas such as energy, commodities, gold & diamonds, FMCG; healthcare; aviation; shipping, education; media; professional services; personal and community services. Consult the DMCC business list.

It allows both financial and non-financial businesses. Capital markets and wealth management are examples of financial services. Non-financial companies include restaurants, hotels, art galleries, and universities. Read more about DIFC’s business areas.

Thus, some business licences are:

  • Commercial/trade
  • Consultancy/services
  • Industrial
  • Educational
  • Media
  • eCommerce
  • Offshore
  • Freelancer
  • Warehousing

The DMCC permits the establishment of “single-family offices.” The FZ LLC structure is used. They can help a family member, company, or entity (or trust). An individual, a group of individuals or a corporation, can own it.

Pick a workplace

Free zone offices can be bought or leased. Office requirements vary depending on personnel count and business activities. There are three types of office packages available in Dubai Airport Free Zone: standard, brilliant desk and executive. The Company formation in Meydan Free Zone  Authority provides approximately 100 executive offices with conference and internet access.

Get pre-approvals, register, and licence.

Company formation in Meydan Free Zone is subject to the free zone’s rules. To receive the appropriate approvals, you must apply. The list of documents varies depending on the type of business, firm, and free zone authorities. The actions and documentation required for approvals are listed below.

Approval initial

First, get the initial OK. You must provide:

Application form


Copy of current trade license/registration (if you are an existing company, applicable for a local company only)

coloured passport copies of the shareholder/s and the new company’s manager/director

Signatures of the company’s shareholders and the new manager/director

2 years of audited financial reports for the corporation or a personal bank reference from the individual shareholder

Current sponsor NOC (for individuals)

Title deed

Intent Letter

Manager/Director Identification Code (RIC) (Original and notarized)

Less paperwork for freelancers. In most circumstances, they must:

 Registration application


bank reference

RIC: Registry Identification Code (Original and notarized)


Payment of registration and licence costs follows initial approval. The fees vary based on the licence type. Then, submit:

Completed registration form

appointing Manager/Director (Notarised and attested)

Manager/Power Director’s of Attorney

Articles of Association (Notarised and attested)

Manager/Director signature sample (Notarised and attested)

Manager/Director photo on white background

Share capital data

  1. Visa and licencing

The authority will draught lease agreements.

Then comes the trade licence.

Visa processing begins

Certain activities may require external authorization. Special cases


What are the conditions for making a capital investment in a business?

These differ depending on the type of business and the authority in charge of the free zone.

What kinds of enterprises may I start up in a free zone, and how do I get started?

You can run any business in any industry, including financial, educational, retail, hospitality, and media, to mention a few examples. Please inquire with the relevant free zone authorities about the types of enterprises permitted on their grounds.