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Know How Sales Enablement Tools Help Salespeople Keep Themselves Up-to-Date

If you run a business, then there is no need for apprising you that buyers have changed more than ever. They expect a lot from salespeople nowadays.

Buyers’ Expectations

They expect sales reps to play the role of a trusted advisor rather than someone who pitches for selling products and services. Buyers today expect sales reps to be knowledgeable as well as skilled enough to answer all of their queries and educate them about the business offerings. So, the sales reps that are unable to add value to the buyers’ journey will have a tough time selling. And their sales results will be below the expectation.

The Challenge

Most companies recognize that coaching is essential for salespeople to derive positive results. But the sales managers often lack the skill or the time to provide useful feedback or impart training to sales reps. Many times, sales managers do not have any way of knowing whether the sales reps are knowledgeable as well as skilled enough to handle leads and customers successfully.

Why is Coaching Important?

There are many reasons for which coaching is essential for sales reps. It has a direct impact on the results. Coaching helps sales reps to improve their performance continually. It also allows managers to improve the sales process, training methodologies, and locate areas of improvement.

How Can A Sales Enablement Tool Help?

Sales enablement tools are equipped with a video coaching feature to help sales reps learn about the entire selling process better. Additionally, the coaching methodology also enables sales managers to validate whether the sales reps are capable of applying the learning in front of a lead in real-time through video-based practice and assessments. Sales managers can assign individual grades based on their respective performances during the evaluations.

Some video coaching tools are built with the machine scoring facility. And that enables managers to measure the speaking quality, analysis of the critical aspects and emotions.

Please refer to the infographic in this post and know what the features of an excellent sales enablement tool are.