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Latest Top 3 Telugu Emotional Movies

Telugu films have a wide variety of exciting genres. We already know that the Telugu film making industry is doing an impressive job in the drama, comedy, horror, action, adventures, and romantic and many more genres. Nowadays, the number of people who have not yet heard about Telegu’s film production is decreasing day by day. 

The Telugu industry knows what content to offer viewers. That’s why they are climbing higher peaks every year. We should also note that Telegu has released many movies that you can share with your second half with such a love and fun story that will create a cozy atmosphere and put you in a pleasant mood, which you will remember sweetly for the rest of your life.

If you have not seen the love movies in the language of Telugu yet, then you lose a lot. And now I can present to you the top three latest films with the most emotional stories. These movies have already captured the hearts of viewers, and I am sure neither will leave you indifferent. To have fun, you already know that you can stream in aha movies.

Arjun Reddy

Arjun Reddy has an issue with managing anger. Arjun got into a fight with a student. He had to apologize or leave college. Arjun prepared for a leaving but stayed after he saw a first-year student named Preethi Shetty. Arjun announces that he fell in love with new student Preethi. Preethi and Arjun’s relationship will grow even stronger after the years. Preethi’s father rejected Arjun and arranged his daughter’s marriage with another person. Arjun gets furious in front of Preethi’s home. After that, he got arrested. Preethi’s father ostracises Arjun from the house as he damaged the family’s reputation. Arjun couldn’t forget Preethi, and he became an alcoholic.

Ninnu Kori

Eighteen months ago, in Vizag, Pallavi, who was a student, wished to make the recording of dance performances, so she was able to show that recording to the family post marriage. Although she could not do that as she had a lack of skills. Uma Maheswara Rao, who is a young student learning statistics, is an orphan. His godfather, Murthy, is a principal in his institution. Uma wished to pursue a Ph.D. in the subject, and finally to settle in his life. Pallavi spotted him dancing at the wedding and requested him to teach the same to her.


Poorna is an ordinary person living in Vizag. He wants to play for the Indian cricket team. Before Poorna tries to make money to join the cricket team, it is at this time that he will meet the beautiful girl Anshu and after a while, they will get closer and fall in love. After a while, because of Anshu’s parents, they will have to move far away. But Anshu promises Poorna that he will do his best to get back to her soon. A few more months go by, and Anshu cannot keep his promise, so Poorna falls into depression and starts drinking a lot of alcohol.

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