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  Learning the Truth Behind Electronic Door Locks: 8 Pros & Cons

Aside from your HDB metal gate, a door lock is one of your first defences against potential intruders. If thieves or trespassers can’t bypass it, they have to resort to other methods, which are generally more conspicuous.

When you head to electronic stores, you’ll most likely see traditional and electronic door locks. This situation brings you the question of which one is better. While you may know the pros and cons of a traditional door lock, you might not be aware of what its digital counterpart has to offer.

Therefore, as a responsible consumer, you must learn about the pros and cons of a digital door lock before deciding which type of lock you’ll buy. Continue reading this article for these eight things you need to know about it.

Learning the Truth Behind Electronic Door Locks: 8 Pros & Cons

    I.        Pros

1. No Need for Keys

One of the best benefits of using electronic door locks is they don’t require keys to work. Generally speaking, these products utilise a keypad where you input your code. This feature means you no longer have to worry about where you place your keys or whether your door would need chains for better security.

2. Better Security Than Standard Door Locks

When you install a traditional door lock, you have no idea who enters without adding, for example, CCTV cameras. This disadvantage means you’d have to spend more on security equipment, which could be a problem if you’re in a bad neighbourhood and lack funds.

Fortunately, a digital door lock enables you to detect who enters or exits your property. For example, this EPIC digital lock allows you to register a hundred fingerprints or thirty RFID cards, which should be enough for you, your family, and several friends.

3. Customisable

As mentioned above, there are electronic door locks available that can register plenty of codes and RFID cards. This security feature means that every member of your family and friends could have personalised codes that they could use to enter your property. Additionally, some products allow you to set a time where certain codes work, further increasing the overall security of your property.

4. Raises Property Value

Since the future is unpredictable, you never know when you decide to sell your property. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep its value high. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to find a buyer willing to pay your price.

One way to increase property value is by installing a digital door lock. Remember that having the latest security features and equipment means your home is less likely to experience accidents involving thieves or trespassers, which is a significant factor that buyers consider when purchasing a property.

Although it may seem like another expense, it can help you sell your home faster. Additionally, it always pays to have excellent security on your property, as you never know when malicious individuals strike.

  II.        Cons


1. More Expensive

It should be clear that the better security features that electronic door locks offer don’t come without a cost. Generally, these products are more expensive than your usual door locks. Their prices range from 300 to 1600 dollars, which is too high for some families. Additionally, you also need to worry about installation costs as they are more expensive than traditional door locks.

Another unfortunate disadvantage you might forget is these expenses are for one door only. If you are planning to switch all of your doors to a digital door lock, you will need a sizable budget to cover everything, including maintenance.

2. Access Code Can Be Stolen

While electronic door locks offer their users various customisable features such as multiple codes and RFID cards, there will always be that risk of malicious individuals using them for their benefit. How they acquire the codes or cards can happen in several ways.

Whatever their acquisition means, you should always remind your family and friends to be extremely careful when using their codes or cards. If they have RFIDs, ensure they are in a secure container or pocket. Avoid bringing them out for no reason.

3. May Have Glitches

Like most electronic devices, a digital door lock comes with several glitches. While you may not experience them throughout their life, you shouldn’t dismiss the possibility. Depending on the manufacturer, updates may come with new bugs, causing several issues a professional locksmith could solve.

4. Hackable

Another similarity that most electronic devices have is they are viable targets for hackers. Although the possibility of hacking may seem small, a responsible homeowner accounts for all possible dangers. Therefore, you need to make the necessary precautions to secure your digital door lock. Some preventive measures you can use include following installation instructions, securing your home network, and purchasing your electronic door locks from reputable manufacturers like Samsung and EPIC.



Using electronic door locks at home is one staple security equipment homeowners could use. While traditional locks may offer adequate protection, there are things digital products have that they don’t. Moreover, there are also some disadvantages to using one option over the other.

Whatever your choice is, it is crucial to learn more about the pros and cons of a digital door lock. Here is a quick recap of these eight things you need to know.

First, electronic door locks don’t need keys. Instead, they use codes or RFID cards.

Second, they offer better security than traditional locks.

Third, these products offer their users several customisable options.

Fourth, having them at home increases your overall property value.

On the other hand, a digital door lock is typically more expensive, especially if you plan to install several of them in your home.

Next, malicious individuals can steal access codes and RFIDs, potentially leading to security breaches.

Additionally, manufacturer updates can cause your electronic door locks to glitch.

Lastly, these products are hackable. Although they rarely happen, it is still within the realm of possibility.

If you decide to install electronic door locks at home, check out Liminal and learn more about their available products from brands such as Samsung, EPIC, and Keywe.