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Likely Causes of Noisy Water Pipes

Are your water pipes making strange angry noises? The sounds are easy to ignore, but at some point, it becomes irritating. The sounds can deny you peace of mind when you want to concentrate on something. It is advisable to look for plumbing contractors in plano to help you solve the issue. But wait a second, how are you going to explain it to the plumber? What are the causes of these noises? Without further ado, consider these some of the leading causes of noisy water pipes.

  1. Build Up of sludge and Blockages

Old pipes experience wear and tear over time. If the water used is hard, then sludge starts forming in the lines. When this occurs, then there will be noise from your pipes as the water passes through it. Rattling and Clicking are the sounds caused by this build-up.

The homeowner has to contact a professional plumber in this situation. The situation is so critical that only a plumber can help to solve it.

  1. Water Hammer

Water Hammer is a common cause of noisy water pipes. It occurs when running water is turned off suddenly. Since the water in the pipe has no other place to go, it slams against the shut-off valve. A water hammer can damage the connections and joints of the pipe. It is the high pressure in the pipes that makes the water hit pipe-walls with a banging sound.

The irritation sound goes away after resetting water pressure. But if it persists, then check the vertical pipe located near the faucet. The pipe is called an air chamber. It is supposed to be filled with air to absorb the shock of water under pressure. With time the air chamber is filled with water, causing the water hammer not to perform its function well. Correct the issue by turning off the house water supply and drain the water from the air chamber.

Alternatively, the problem can be corrected by installing water hammer arrestors. The device will help by diverting water pressure when the faucet is shut off. The installations should be done by a professional to avoid immediate setbacks.

  1. Copper Pipes

We cannot change the fact that copper is malleable and ductile. These properties make copper pipes to expand the moment hot water passes through them. The expansion makes the pipe rub against joints and supports brackets hence making a noisy sound. However, it still has to be used since it is a durable metal and fits better than steel and lead.

The expansion should not cause any concern to the homeowner. Besides, copper is designed to handle expansion and contraction. But, if the noise becomes too annoying, the following methods can rectify the issue.

  • Insulate the pipes with foam rubber, which will help avoid friction when in contact with surfaces.
  • Lowering of water temperature can help reduce the expansion
  • Contact a profession to install insulation in the inaccessible areas of the piping.
  1. Water Pressure

In most cases, this occurs when the water system is still new or when it is faulty. When water passes through the pipes at high pressure, it makes irritating noise. Other than the sound, it can damage the system too. The sound occurs because water is being forced out of the pipework at a rate that is not normal.

Handling this issue is simple. Look for the pressure meter or installed regulator if noise is coming from the boiler system. Adjust the regulator if the pressure is too high. A plumber will be more useful if your appliances have no meter or regulator.

In cases of any of the above issues in your appliances becomes more critical. Feel free to contact plumbing contractors in plano. They offer the best services at an affordable fee that you will never regret.