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Lockdown & the Troubles Faced by Work from Home People  

Before the pandemic, everything was perfectly fine. People played and worked on their mobile phones and laptops and computers. But after the pandemic and during the lockdown a lot of things changed drastically. People were dependent on their computers and laptops. And for some of them, it kept working fine, whereas for others it didn’t and they had to go through temporary unemployment. And there are other half who could spend their time sanely by watching movies and playing online or chatting with friends. But no one ever imagined the situation, what if it broke down? How we will continue with the same.

Pandemic Situation

We are living in unimaginable times, and anything can happen at anytime. No ever predicted the pandemic and so much of the population had to be quarantined for months and months. And thanks to our computers, laptops, and mobile phones for keeping us sane and informed. And off late many people have discovered online casinos, which offer a wide range of new games as well as dealers who are also online. Playing an online casino feels the same as that of the real casino. There are also sites like Betiton which welcomes the players with special offers like joining the VIP Club and all, to know further read here.

Shops Closed

There are many repair shops and companies which have closed down due to the pandemic. The technicians all have to remain at home locked down like the rest of the world. So, if your electronic device like a mobile phone or laptop breaks down then it will like another heart break for you. And you cannot be sure whether you can get it repaired or not and you know exactly what went wrong. For Apple users, it is easier to find an apple store before the pandemic and take their iPhone or Macbook for repair. But now even that is closed.

Those who had Online Classes

There was a student who was telling about her experience where she had to switch to her old PC after her Macbook screen was broken. And it was pretty difficult for her as she had to deal with the slow speed of the PC. But the saddest part out of the entire event was that she couldn’t have access to her notes which she could have if she would have had her Macbook. It is because all her notes were in the Macbook. And the courses which she attended where given online, so she had a lot of problems as she couldn’t get her study material.

Who Started Work from Home

And for those people who wanted to start working from their home, their computers were faulty and it created one problem after another. And not every company can provide new material to their workers and that too if something goes wrong during the period of confinement. And also people are not aware about how fast a computer works until they have to keep their old laptops working. And it creates a huge difference in the efficacy of the worker in their work. And hopefully, their managers should understand the same.