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Look stylish while being warm: 3 winter necessities for the upcoming season

It is already November, which means that it won’t be too long until the cold winter weather will kick in and we need to start preparing for it right now. Many people don’t like winter because they think that it is really hard to look elegant, because they associate these months with baggy jackets and ugly sweaters. But we think that looking stylish while being warm is not only possible, but also very simple to do, so if you want to know more about the three things that can help you elevate your outfits this winter, keep on reading.

A classic coat

The most important part of a winter outfit is the coat, or generally speaking, the outside clothing that you are wearing since this is the first thing that people notice when seeing you on the street and no trendy shoes or pretty hat can save you if your overcoat is not nice. It is true, indeed, that many of those who live in very cold and harsh conditions cannot imagine wearing thin, although woolen, coats, since they won’t offer the needed protection against the cold, but for the others, this garment is a great choice. Even on the chillier days, it can be layered with a top, sweater, and vest underneath, which will help you keep warm and cozy. Go for a classic, long, black or beige coat made of wool, because it will look great with everything, from jeans and a sweater to a fancy dress for a night out on Christmas Eve.

 A big scarf

There is no better feeling than covering yourself with a big, large scarf that looks like a blanket and makes you appear tiny and very cozy in the contrast with the cold weather outside. Although it is such a simple and basic item, a scarf can change your whole appearance, as it can be used as a focal element of the outfit that can add color and brightness to your look, which is so important for when the streets turn gray and moody. In case you are not sure what piece to go for and how to correctly choose it, look at three things when shopping for one: the fabric, the size, and the pattern. You want to go for a large scarf, preferably made of wool, and choose the color palette or the patterns depending on the rest of your clothes from your wardrobe. On the other hand, if you already have multiple basic scarves and this year you are looking for something more interesting and creative, we would recommend checking out Celtic scarves  made of 100% natural fibers such as Merino, Alpaca, or lambswool.

A warm hat

Now, trust me, I am someone who absolutely hates wearing any type of hat, be it the sun hats that are of great use during summer or the knitted ones made for the winter weather. And I am sure that I am not alone in this, however during these cold times, and especially with the whole coronavirus epidemic going around, it is really important for us to keep our head warm and to prevent any cold that you could catch in these months. A (preferably) knitted hat would be the best bet for the season. You can choose one based on your preferences, style, bone structure, and even height. For example, you can get a slouchy beanie that is perfect for those who prefer the casual style, but you can also go for something more elegant, such as a classic Dakota hat. It is also important to pay attention to the fabrics that the hat is made of, as natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, and even cotton will preserve heat much better than synthetic ones.