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Maximise Your Web App Security with Reliable Web Pentest 

Cyberattacks occur almost every day against web applications, in which malicious hackers steal and use your personal information for their own personal gains. Since some web applications may hold confidential and sensitive data, it is essential to keep it protected at all times. That being said, performing a web pentest can be an effective strategy to fight off any vulnerability in your web application. 

How does The Test work?

Also known as web application penetration testing, this test is done by breaking into your application with penetration threats or attacks, and identifying any vulnerabilities, threats and security flaws in it. Any known malicious attack is used on your application for this purpose. The attacks used are fabricated with the perspective of an attacker, such as a SQL injection test. The sole purpose is to identify any security weaknesses in your application, and its database, source code, and network. Depending on the threat being identified, any possible ways are implemented to mitigate them.

Purpose of the Test

Once the test is done, you are able to identify the weaknesses in your application and define methods to improve its overall security system. With the results of this test, you will be able to find out whether security patches are installed in your application or not, and whether it is configured properly to fight any attacks or not. You will know if any unauthorised user can access your application, and what extent of damage can it cause. A web pentest helps in 

  • Identifying any unknown vulnerabilities
  • Checking the effectiveness of your security policies
  • Testing the publicly exposed components
  • Finding the most vulnerable routes through which attacks can be made
  • Finding loopholes through which data can be stolen

Thus, web penetration testing is a very important step to ensure a secured system for your application that is resistant against data loss and hacking. The Web App Penetration & Security Testing Service offered by Security for Everyone is an affordable and fool-proof way of maximising the security of your web app.