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Meat and its products – a short case study.

Meat is the cheapest source of protein for most parts of the world. It is easily available and not difficult to source locally. Meat and fish make the staple diet for a large majority of people around the world. There are a number of different types of meat varieties available in different parts of the world. Some of the most consumed types of meat are:

  • Beef and veil
  • Goat and Lamb.
  • Chicken and Duck
  • Pork

But finding the right quality meat is not that easy. With the help of companies like Farm Club organic meat online, you can now get the best quality meat products at your doorstep. If you cannot seem to find locally sourced meat and meat products, then getting it from established companies would be the best option.

Different meat varieties have different nutrient advantages and cooking styles. In some parts of the world, beef is used as the primary source of food because of its high nutrient value. Especially in the western world, all types of beef are not only used as food but other parts of the animal is used in the making of leather goods. Beef comes mainly from cattle animals like cow, ox, buffalo, etc. which are raised in farms.

There are two types of cattle raised in farms:

  1. Cattle for milk and by products.
  2. Cattle for meat.

The above two types of cattle can give one thing in common which is cattle dung that can be used as manure. Cattle farms are producers of multiple products like milk, manure, meat, etc. Farm animals, like oxen and horses, also make agricultural work easier.

But the cattle raised for meat are treated differently. They will be fed well and not made to do hard physical labour. Most of the time, the female will be used for meat after its first reproductive cycle. This is to make sure the meat of the animal does not get too hard and chewy. Sometimes the calf of the cattle is also used for making veil meat that is very popular in some parts of the world.

The meat of cow and ox are very hard and difficult to cook. They are also a bit chewy and do not taste as good as buffalo. But this type of meat has very high fibre content and layers of healthy fat. This is why doctors advise having cow and ox meat for health-conscious people.

To conclude, it is best to buy meat from established companies who not only ensure the quality of meat delivered but deliver it at your doorstep.