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Must Know Strategies To Play Qq Poker Online

QQ poker is a hand that many poker players wish to see. Some players get scared with this hand as they don’t know how to properly play them. Also, the trickiest thing about playing qq poker is post-flop as players get committed to their hands. They feel sad for letting their hand go even it would be the correct thing.

The first thing you must understand is that qq poker is a solid hand. Heads up are the best ones. You can dominate opponents when you hold “Ladies” in a heads-up qq poker. Let us discuss the three key Texas Hold’em tricks when you deal with this hand. Make sure to follow this advice to get profits.

No doubt that gamblers on short stacks will decide to move all-in with this hand. It provides value in that case and has a great opportunity to double up when a poker has sufficient chips for some fold against marginal hands.


Your table position is important like all your hands. If you are in a late position then qq poker is even stronger. You can be confidently aggressive from the start.

Pre-Flop Raise

When you use Ladies as a starting hand then it is necessary to understand that it is unlikely that you will get any aid on the flop. There won’t be any chances of hitting trips. So, it is necessary to lay down an aggressive raise of pre-flop. If you wish to get away from suited connectors, opponents and low pocket payers hold an ace rag or king. Sometimes they push out someone who holds jack, king. You can raise the big blind 3 to 6 times and it is enough.

Make Sure To Fold

Many individuals go with pre-flop with qq games. Their opponents have rag, ace. The flop shows 3,7. If a player got too aggressive pre-flop then the gambler is sent home.

You wish to be aggressive with qq poker not only overly aggressive. You can place a substantial raise pre-flop and push out all the crap. Those players who left can bet those who are sitting on a king or an ace.

If you are first to bet when a king or an ace hits on the flop, no worries, you have to lay down a bet of one-fourth to one-half of the pot. The opponents who don’t have a king or an ace will fold to your qq game. If they have such cards then they will raise you. If this happens, don’t worry fold it.

Wrapping up

If a king or ace doesn’t hit you can feel confident about having the strongest hand. You have to be aware of possible sets in qq poker. Many individuals wish to play small pairs of pockets. You can watch their poker patterns and understand when they have the set. If you think that they do make sure to fold it. If they don’t have it, then be aggressive and gain huge profits. You must apply these strategies when you play qq poker games online.