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New Cuisinart food processor parts helped us host a graduation

I’ve always enjoyed hosting large parties, so I naturally do a lot of them. Almost every time a family event happens, my wife and I are involved in some part of the preparation. Recently, my oldest son graduated from high school and wanted a graduation party. Rather than paying for an expensive venue and having packaged food that’s hit or miss, my wife and I decided to take care of it ourselves. After talking with our son and deciding on some features he wanted — we had to have the basketball area in our driveway open for him and his friends — we got to work.

Most of the time, I handle preparations like invites, scheduling, events, and cleaning. My wife handles the food and plans a whole menu. For holidays, she often goes all out and creates themed foods that are always a hit. That’s harder to do for a graduation party, so she decided to keep it simple. There were only going to be a few friends of our son’s and some close family members, but it was still a lot of food to prepare. My wife broke out her trusty Cuisinart food processor. It had been a while since we used it and it showed – the outside was in rough shape, the bowl was ragged and scratched up, and I could tell the blades were dull from across the room.

As expected when we turned it on, it struggled to really get going. It sounded like something was stuck in the blades, and all the scratches in the bowl made it tough to even see inside. The situation was worse than I thought. We were originally going to shred some fine onions for burgers that night but couldn’t even find the attachment. My wife gave up after a while of struggling and just handled dinner by hand, but I could tell she was upset. I offered to take a look at the food processor and see what I could do.

As I figured, we needed some replacement parts and, ideally, a few more attachments. I wanted to replace only what we needed. The body and motor on our Cuisinart still worked great, so a whole new machine felt like a waste. After looking around for a bit online, I found Kitchen Works Inc. They’re an online marketplace that sells Cuisinart food processor replacement parts. All of the parts are manufactured straight from Cuisinart and are much cheaper than getting a whole new processor. I was sold!

I ordered some new blades, a new larger bowl, and even a replacement shredder disk. To cheer up my wife even more, I got a french fry cutter for it as well. Pretty soon after the parts arrived, we basically had a whole new Cuisinart for cheaper! My wife was thrilled and party planning was back on.

The french fry cutter was a huge hit for the party, and we prepared so many vegetables with ease. I’m glad that we’re back to planning parties, and my wife is glad that she’s back to experimenting easily in the kitchen!